Are you the parent of a student with big college dreams, but with little money to help make those dreams come true?

Monica Matthews was right where you are today – her son was a senior in high school and exploring amazing, yet extremely expensive, colleges and universities. After he applied for a few scholarships but did not win them, she decided to find out exactly what scholarship judges were looking for and how she could help her son in the scholarship process. Believing that knowledge is power, Monica strategically developed a step-by-step method of helping her son apply for scholarships that resulted in his winning over $100,000 in college scholarships and ultimately graduating from college 100% debt-free.

Monica Matthews truly has “been there, done that” in regards to helping parents and students navigate the scholarship process. The RESULTS  speak for themselves!

My son is at a college here in our state and his freshmen year we pulled in $18,000 in scholarships. I paid like $978.00 for his freshmen year. The information is priceless. Thank you so much.

Gina Geddes


I’m very thankful for the help that this guide has given me. It took a lot of stress away from me while applying for this scholarship by providing easy steps to follow. I received a full scholarship with a paid internship. Upon graduation, I will continue to work within the same company. I cannot thank you enough for paving the road to my future!”

Zach Holzberger


This is an excellent guide and contains a number of ideas I haven’t found anywhere else. My one son used some of Monica’s unique methods to help his applications stand out – and yes, they worked!.

Meryl van der Merwe


Her scholarship guide will teach parents and students how to:


Follow a winning, step-by-step method to apply for scholarships


Find and apply for as many scholarships as possible


Get organized and create a solid list of the best scholarships to go for


Apply for scholarships knowing what the judges want in their applicants


Write memorable and captivating essays to get immediately shortlisted


Obtain compelling letters of recommendation from the best possible sources

Use leadership and community service to help win scholarships

Effectively partner with students in the scholarship process, without it feeling to them like being ‘told’ what to do!

Which guide is right for you?

For Students

Price: $27

The student guide shows students who are trying to win scholarships on their own what to do to create scholarship application packets that will impress any scholarship judge.

For Parents

Price: $27

The parent guide shows exactly what parents can do to help their students prepare their scholarship applications in a way that will set them apart and get them noticed by the judges.

Combo Offer

Both Only $37

Many savvy parents like to order both pdf guides, giving one to their students to use, while they read the other. Used separately or together to form a partnership with your student as they go through the process, the results speak for themselves.                   Order Both – Save $17

Order CD version

Price: $57

Prefer the full CD version? No problem. Just choose that option below. Both parent and student PDF guides are included on all CD orders.   FREE Shipping! Shipping within US only.

Please Note:

  • Your PDF will be available for immediate download after payment is made.
  • Mailed CD versions will arrive within 3-5 business days via the US postal service. Sales tax is included in CD price.
Ultimate Success Bundle

The Ultimate Scholarship Success Bundle

Parents and students, start your scholarship quest off right and save money in the process. Included in the Ultimate Scholarship Success Bundle are both versions of the How to Win College Scholarships ebooks (Parent and Student versions), plus the Scholarship Toolkit Organizer. (All instant downloads)

I have used the guidelines from Monica Matthews’ ebook. This was such a great starting point…definitely my “go-to” on how to start the process of scholarship applications. I have also purchased Monica’s Scholarship Toolkit Organizer, which is a great way to organize materials and monitor deadlines. Monica is tremendous in offering potential scholarship information or answering any questions I may have (that is worth her weight in gold). My son had success winning 15 scholarships. He was a good student, but nothing like some of stats I have read from other parents.

Dawn Ekblaw


Scholarship Toolkit Organizer

Only $12
Organization in the scholarship process is essential and greatly reduces stress for parents and students. This organizer goes far beyond the typical spreadsheet and is an essential must-have tool for all scholarship searching families.

The Scholarship Toolkit Organizer neatly and concisely collects all vital information necessary for students and parents to utilize throughout their scholarship journey. The format is user-friendly and assists in helping students stay focused and organized. It’s a must-have accompaniment to the How to Win College Scholarships ebook.
Carol Strine


You’re amazing and your Scholarship Toolkit Organizer is too!!! It’s comprehensive yet easy to use. I really like how it is linear. I also like how you put emphasis on whether it’s renewable and what the parameters are. I find that my students often do not think about this. I have to say though, that your price-point is entirely too low. I would raise it to at least $49! Great job!!

Dr. Elizabeth Rosner


The unique methods of helping students in the scholarship process found in this guide have taught desperate parents to help their own students win thousands of scholarship dollars.

This current and updated version is packed with understandable and attainable steps that parents, students, high school counselors and other higher education professionals have endorsed and recommended.

But don’t just take our word for this, these are real results, from real people…


“At my daughter’s awards ceremony, they announced the scholarship winners and kept calling her name over and over and over again. It was amazing and everyone was saying that they had never heard of a student at our high school that won SO many scholarships. Thank you for your scholarship guide!” – S.A., Parent


“Monica is a scholarship success story. She single handedly got her son a full ride into a top 20 University. I read her ebook about how to find scholarship money and I found it resourceful, easy to read, and action-oriented. Overall, if you’re a parent who doesn’t know where to start when looking for scholarship money, go to Monica. She is a trusted authority and she will take extremely good care of you.” – Alexis Avila, Founder of Prepped & Polished Tutoring and Test Prep


“We are SO excited! We used the ideas in your scholarship guide and THEY WORK!
At dinner we had to attend to pick up one scholarship check, one of the judges told me that it was the way my son’s scholarship application was put together and presented that made it stand out and get chosen. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! – S.W., Parent

Monica’s scholarship tips have been featured on several websites and online publications and she has been dubbed the “Go To” expert on college scholarships. How to Win College Scholarships guides are available in versions that are written for students OR parents!

Each guide is filled with all her unique winning scholarship methods and strategies, but written and geared towards students or parents depending on the version chosen.

Still not sure?

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