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The Ultimate Planner for College-Bound Students (and Their Parents!)

A planner for college-bound students is a MUST in the quest to stay organized and win more college scholarships!

The Ultimate Planner for College Bound Students and their Parents

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Hey Scholarship Searchers! A few weeks ago I was cruising the net (or was I browsing on Pinterest? I’m not sure now!) and came across a mom who, for lack of better words, reminded me of myself!

This awesome mom, Laura Dennis, had gone through the college process with her two sons and was about to go through it again with her daughter.

She knew first-hand what a crazy process it was to help a student prepare for college and decided to look for a resource to aid her daughter (and herself!) to make the task easier for both of them.

The problem was, she did not find one!

So, guess what? Just like how I created my How to Win College Scholarships guide ebooks, she created The College Planner.

What is The College Planner? Basically, a planner for college-bound students, but really MUCH MORE.

Laura shares,

The College Planner is SO much more than just a planner. It is designed to help high school students dream and think about the future. In addition to checklists and forms, it contains pages to reflect on their experiences.

These reflection pages will later inspire essay brainstorming. They will find essay writing a breeze when they have already written out their memories about the most significant experiences and people in their lives.

In a nutshell, that is what The College Planner is, but after obtaining my own copy and hungrily digesting each page, I can tell you that this planner takes it to the next level and beyond.

What is included in this unique planner for college-bound students (and their parents!)?

Sections for:

  • High School Course Planning
  • High School Resume
  • Volunteering
  • Dream College Notes
  • ACT/SAT Test Prep
  • Junior and Senior Year Checklists
  • College Visits
  • College Fairs
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • College Choices
  • Dorm Shopping List
  • FAFSA Info
  • More, More, More!
A planner for college-bound students is a MUST in the quest to stay organized and win more college scholarships! Click To Tweet

And that isn’t even all of it! I am so impressed and blown away at the depth and well thought out sections in The College Planner and am excited to share this valuable resource with you, my scholarship blog readers!

I know firsthand that organization is KEY to planning for college and winning scholarships.

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The College Planner and How to Win College Scholarships are the PERFECT PAIRING for any student and parent serious about finding college and scholarship success.

You can find The College Planner at Laura’s site here or on Amazon:

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College Scholarship Tip - Use the ULTIMATE Planner for College-Bound Students and their Parents
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