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Prudential Spirit of Community College Scholarships

With the Prudential Spirit of Community College Scholarships, even middle school students can get rewarded for their volunteering!

Important Update: This award is now called the Emerging Visionaries Scholarship

Prudential Spirit of Community College Scholarships with winning tips from the ScholarshipMom

Thousands of scholarship dollars are available with the Prudential Spirit of Community College Scholarship Awards.

Winners are chosen from each state as well as 10 national awards.

Here are the scholarship details:

  • Open to legal U.S. residents aged 14-18
  • Home-schooled students may also apply
  • Students must have volunteered in their community for at least 12 months prior to applying
  • Mandatory certification by school principal or head of an officially designated local organization
  • Up to $15,000 awarded to multiple winners
  • Deadline:  November 2

Winning Tips:  This scholarship seems much more complicated and involved than the typical application, but it really isn’t. The application is available online OR students can request to have it mailed to them. I recommend physically mailing, as it gives students more power to showcase their achievements and community service projects as outlined in my college scholarship guide ebooks.

What makes this scholarship different is the mandatory certification from a school principal or head of a specific charitable organization. Once students have emailed or handed in their applications to get certified, they are finished applying and the certification decision is out of their hands. Students need to have been extremely involved in a community service project to have a chance at winning one of these awards. 

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Creating and implementing their own community service project is the best way to impress the judges. More information on how to do this can be found here.

In describing their volunteering and community service, students need to make sure they cover all four of these details:  Inspiration, effort, impact, and personal growth.

Initiative: Did the applicant initiate the activity on his/her own, or demonstrate exceptional leadership or motivation in an existing activity?

Effort: How much time and effort did the activity require? Did the applicant have to overcome significant obstacles?

Impact: How much of a difference was made by the activity? Were a significant number of people affected, or were the lives of specific individuals impacted in a major way?

Personal Growth: Did the applicant acquire insights or skills from the experience? Does the application reflect a sound understanding of the importance of serving others?

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Prudential Spirit of Community College Scholarships

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