Parents and their students are always looking for quick and easy college scholarships.

While some easy scholarships are nothing more than contests that seem to only want to collect applicant information to sell to other companies, others actually are legit and students can apply without a whole lot of writing or effort. I truly appreciate it when businesses and individuals email me and share their scholarship opportunities and I’m happy to pass them on to my blog readers.
Here is a wonderful infographic showcasing quick and easy college scholarships created by Ashleigh Bell at OnlineCollegePlan.com. Thanks for contacting me, Ashleigh!

$10,000 scholarship, no essay or minimum GPA

Quick and Easy College ScholarshipsSource: OnlineCollegePlan.com

Important update: The Zinch weekly scholarship is no longer available and has been replaced with the Chegg monthly $1000 scholarship.

Details on the Chegg scholarship can be found HERE.


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