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Remote College Visits When Campus Tours are NOT an Option

Remote college visits are extremely valuable when students cannot physically get to campus, and this is the perfect solution.

Remote Campus Visits - When students can't go on a college tour

Today I have a guest post from College Scoops, an ingenious way for students and their parents to learn more about a college campus even if visiting is not possible, or families would like to take a visit to the next level.

College Scoops has the inside scoop not only on college campuses and student vibes, but on the surrounding areas as well.

What is College Scoops?

College Scoops provides valuable, curated content to help students and parents get a better feel and vibe of a college campus and the surrounding area. Whether you are in high school or at university, our platform provides the inside scoops on everything college-related highlighting the best places to eat, stay, and explore on and around campus. We also collaborate with experts in the college space to share their expertise, advice, and insights with our entire College Scoops community.

With all the perfect marketing strategies, targeted emails and social media platforms, and even the picturesque brochures prepared by colleges, it can be hard to actually get a sense of what a college will be like.

College visits, in particular, should and can be fun offering new insights into the local community and surrounding area each and every time you step foot on campus.

The founder of College Scoops, Moira McCullough, is a parent of three with two kids in college and a current junior in high school starting the college admissions journey all over again. She created College Scoops as a platform of resources to help other parents, students, and families save time, energy, and stress not only planning a college visit but also getting the inside scoops on where to go when you arrive on campus.

Given the current situation, we are in a position where we are not able to travel physically to a school which presents a challenge for students who are still undecided or who may be in the beginning stages of creating their college list.

  • How do you get a feel of the campus?
  • Are these the students you want to live, learn, and be friends with?
  • What is the social scene like?
  • Is it easy to make friends?

Unless you know someone who attended that particular college, it may be hard to get the answers to these questions when you physically are not allowed to visit a college.

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College Scoops just launched a series of virtual college experience videos to highlight not only what their student ambassadors love about their schools but to also answer several important questions students may have about particular colleges. They brought their community directly to you to help families navigate the next couple of months.

Their student ambassadors reached out to their friends and community to answer the burning questions students may still have about colleges.

The videos are insightful, authentic, and fun to watch.

They also have over 70 college eBooks available for purchase at collegescoops.com. All of their eBooks feature a host of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert places to try as well as local excursions for you, your student, or the entire family.

The eBooks are mobile-friendly with direct links to restaurants, hotels, and excursions saving you time, energy, and stress. Whether you are planning a college visit for the first time or for graduation, we’ve got you covered.

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Check back often as we are releasing new eBooks weekly.

If you have any students who might want to be the lead ambassador for their college, reach out to Moira at hello@collegescoops.com

Get the whole scoop now by clicking here:  COLLEGE SCOOPS


Remote College Visits - GET THE COLLEGE SCOOP

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