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Suzanne Shaffer – Parents Countdown to College Coach

Being a College Prep Expert has put me in contact with some other experts in the field of college admissions. This contact has given me the opportunity to once again, give you the BEST information from the BEST sources, helping you to help your student apply to college and get accepted.

When I find a product that can save you thousands of dollars on tuition, I get so excited because I know that you, as a parent, are in need of some financial relief. Let’s face it, even if you have saved and planned, who can’t afford to avail themselves of every opportunity to save money? On the other end of the spectrum, if you haven’t been able to gather a small fortune for college, tools that allow you to finance the education without parent loans are a godsend.

Monica Matthews’ “How to Win College Scholarships: A Guide for Parents and Students in 10 Easy Steps is one of those godsends. I have read these ebooks and I can tell you she makes it EASY to hit the ground running, get organized, and help your student find those scholarships. She falls into a class that I like to call “parent advocates.” We are the ones who have done the legwork, succeeded, and want to pass on our parent-related expertise to other parents. Monica has done the legwork in the scholarship search process. She found herself in that awkward place with her son–a promising student aspiring to college, and parents who wanted to support that decision financially.

Instead of taking out loans, or going back to work full-time, Monica opted to spend her time helping her son search, find and apply for scholarships. In 10 easy steps, she outlines the process she took, gives you bottom line tips along the way, and provides you with some “out-of-box” tools to help your student stand out with the scholarship committees. She addresses all the aspects of scholarship applications from essays, to recommendation letters, to transcripts, to the application completion and delivery.

The best part about Monica’s e-books is that they are simple and easy to understand. If you follow her easy 10 step program, the scholarship process becomes doable for any parent and their student. You can sit back and hope that your student does all the work, or you can offer help and support by grabbing copies of Monica’s ebooks, reading them, and rolling up your sleeves.

Who wins? Your student will win by graduating without debt. You will win by helping your student find and win those scholarships for their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Once those winning letters begin to flood your mailbox, you’ll be glad you took my advice and added Monica’s e-books to your college admissions library.

Chris Lewis – Dad of Divas

The How To Win Scholarships ebooks will tell you exactly what you need to do to get started NOW on winning as much FREE money for college as possible. The author’s son was exactly where many students are in their senior year of high school. He was busy with social, academic, and sports obligations, but knew he needed to win scholarships to pay for his college education. He needed scholarship help!

This guide will help you by teaching you a method of putting together your scholarship application packets in a way that looks, feels, and IS different from those submitted by your peers. Your college scholarship applications will stand out and get noticed by the judges and THAT is the way to win scholarships.

The author developed a method of applying for college scholarships that is nothing like the normal method of filling out applications and mailing them in. This method teaches parents and students how to create a scholarship application packet that immediately stands out from those of their peers.

Both guides are organized into 10 clear and easy to follow sections, with step by step instructions on perfecting scholarship applications, along with tips on what college scholarship selection committees look for and how to win scholarships. Learn amazing ways to:

  • Get organized
  • Find scholarships
  • Get great letters of recommendation
  • Write a memorable (and winning!) essay
  • Put together an application package that looks, feels, and IS different from all the rest
  • Get the most financial aid possible

And much more scholarship help!

My Take on the Book
I have read many books preparing for college as well as finding scholarships and was looking for bigger and better resources to share with students that I am working with. This ebook was practical, down-to-earth, and so easy to understand. The author has put so much personal learning and experience of the book it makes it that much better for the parent of the college student as well as the student themselves.

The ebook also is set up with the reader in mind and gives great advice about what a person can do to truly set them apart from others and make it that much more probable that they can identify scholarships from cells that will help them cover the cost of their college education. While there are many books on finding scholarships this one in my mind stands out just for sheer honesty and upfront frankness about what steps you need to take to take yourself to the next level and candidacy for scholarships.

All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by the company.


How to Win College Scholarships

5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Book Source:  I read this ebook because college costs are looming large on the horizon for us, and every resource can help. The guide came as an ebook edition from the author.

Favorite Quote:  “It [Winning scholarships] will not be easy, but I think the information that I’ve shared here will make it easier on both of you.”

How to Win Scholarships lives up to its name. It is a how-to guide written by a mother, who was faced with the dilemma a few years ago of how to pay for her oldest son’s college education, especially given that they have two younger children who will be college age soon.

This guide is the culmination of her research and experience. Her results speak for themselves. Her son received over $100,000 in scholarship money.

The information in it is straightforward – tips that make you go “That makes sense.” The tips are also specific, ranging from how to organize the search, how to build a resume, and how to find opportunities. In addition, the writing perspective is that of a parent – someone with a vested interest in the success of the process. Someone with the same perspective as a reader.

Accompanying the guide, the author has an active social media presence. Ongoing resources include lists of scholarship opportunities and articles on the college process.

An extremely useful resource if you are looking at the college scholarship process.

Alexis Avila – Prepped & Polished Test Preparation, Certified Pre K-12 School Counselor

Monica is a scholarship success story. She single-handedly got her son a full ride into a top 20 University, all done by applying and winning scholarship money. I read her Ebook about how to find scholarship money and I found it resourceful, easy to read, and action-oriented. I had Monica on my podcast (Listen to the podcast here) and she was really generous with her advice.

Overall, if you’re a parent who doesn’t know where to start when looking for scholarship money, go to Monica Matthews. She is a trusted authority and she will take extremely good care of you.

Jordan Schanda, Co-Founder of ScholarPrep

How to Win College Scholarships should be required reading for all parents and students on the college-bound journey. Not only does this ebook provide invaluable information about how to prepare for and successfully navigate the college scholarship process, it is also inspirational! After reading it, I was wishing I could go back to high school and go through the application process all over again. What a difference having this book would have made for me!

Parents will walk away from this ebook with the tools they need to help their students win scholarships and reassurance knowing that it IS possible!

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