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Discover New Ways to Save Time and Find More College Scholarships

Everyone wants to find more college scholarships, right? Use this SMART tip to find more and save time in the long run!

Save time and find more college scholarships with these easy tips!

Finding college scholarships can sometimes feel like searching for that elusive needle in the haystack.

Even worse, you may find a scholarship that you or your student qualifies to apply for, add it to your list, and then months later realize that the due date listed in the scholarship book or website is WRONG.

Companies change the deadlines for their scholarships quite regularly, and often the new date is not published or updated in popular scholarship books or websites, so it pays to be aware of this and double-check each deadline BEFORE doing any of the work required.

Can you imagine doing all the work for a scholarship only to realize that the deadline has changed and you missed it completely?

UGH! Don’t let that happen.

Instead, follow this easy 3 step method when searching for and adding scholarships to your list:

  1. A scholarship is found using this awesome book or through a scholarship-matching website like the ones shared in this post.
  2. Before writing anything down, go to the website listed in the scholarship information and verify that the award is still offered AND that the due date has not been changed.
  3. Safely add it to your list with the correct information including the due date, award amount, application website, and the name of the scholarship.

I use a simple (yet effective!) notebook system in which I have tabs for each year in high school and a few pages listing awards that are due each month of that year, plus other pages for scholarships that are offered to college students.

2024 UPDATEUse the Scholarship Toolkit Organizer to save even SMARTER!

If you are starting really early (High 5^!), you would also have tabs for middle school and even elementary school scholarships.

For example:

Tab 1 – JUNIOR – January, February, March, April, May, etc.

Tab 2 – SENIOR – January, February, March, April, May, etc.

Tab 3 – HIGH SCHOOL MONTHLY – These are scholarships that are awarded monthly like this one to high school students.

Have younger kids or siblings? Be sure to read How Siblings Can Help Each Other Win Scholarships

Tab 4 – COLLEGE – Blank pages where I add awards that I come across that are for college students only. This saves a TON of time because when my student is in college, they already have a list of scholarships to apply for and add to.

Tab 5 – COLLEGE MONTHLY – These are scholarships that are awarded monthly to current college students.

Tab 6 – GRAD SCHOOL – The scholarships added to this list may be several years away, but they are a starting point and time-saver if and when the time comes for higher education, such as law school.

Use this tip to find more college scholarships and win more money for school!Jumping online and verifying scholarship information may seem like an extra step that takes more time, but this habit will really save time in the long run, especially for those awards that are no longer offered.

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Don’t do the work for a scholarship if it doesn’t even exist anymore!

Your time is valuable, and students are extremely busy.

Using this method to find more college scholarships is effective, easy, and will pay off in the long run IF the student learns how to apply for scholarships using the SMART method that I developed to help my son win so many scholarships. What is this SMART method? 

Students and their parents who are trying to find more college scholarships can easily get overwhelmed. I know, I’ve been there! Learn the step-by-step SMART method that I developed to help my son go to college and graduate 100% debt-free here >>

This mom says it best:

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College Scholarship Tip - Save Time and Find More Scholarships

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