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Scholarship and College Admission Essay Writing Tips

Are you looking for essay writing tips? A stronger essay will win more scholarships and help students get into college. Use these essay writing tips and learn easy ways to write a better scholarship and college admission essay.

Scholarship and college essay writing tips

Today I’d like to welcome guest poster Gloria Kopp, an eLearning consultant and founder of Studydemic – a website about the latest educational technology trends.

Thank you for sharing your scholarship and college admission essay writing tips with my readers, Gloria!

Scholarship and College Admission Essay Writing: Step-by-step Guide

A scholarship is a perfect way to get help with all or part of your tuition fees. Of course, these scholarships are highly sought after, and you will be in competition with thousands of other students.

The essay you produce will often be the first official point of contact between you and the scholarship founders, and therefore, it is imperative that you do the best job possible. Use my essay writing tips shared below.

This article will talk you through the steps to produce a perfect scholarship essay.

Learn Who You Are Writing For

While it’s important to maintain your own voice in your easy, tailoring it to your audience is essential if you want to be heard. Research who is offering the scholarship.

Find out who will be judging the essays, and learn as much as you can about them. If possible, you could even consider calling them to find out a little more. This shows you are proactive and may give you an edge when your essay arrives.

Once you know your audience, it makes it much easier to write something targeted to them.

Make Certain You Know What You Are Writing

Check and double-check the submission guidelines. Make certain you know exactly what question the essay should answer. Your response should be to the point and answer only what is asked. Going off on a tangent and talking about something else won’t score you bonus points – if anything, it will make the reader think you didn’t bother to learn what they wanted from you.

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Scholarship and College Essay Writing Tips

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Use Online Resources

There are many free online resources to help make this process easier. Below are a few examples:

Harvard Writing Center: This website offers the dates and times when you can drop into the Harvard Writing Centre for one-to-one help with your writing from qualified staff.

Academized: This site offers grammar, assignments, and plagiarism guides, and features much more other information to improve your writing skills.

Use these essay writing tips to impress the scholarship judges!

Thesis Generator: This site offers a thesis generator. You enter your premise, and the generator gives you a thesis! It’s a great tool if you are struggling for inspiration on what to write about.Use these essay writing tips to create a stronger essay and impress the scholarship judges!

iGrad: This site offers tips to help you make sure your scholarship and college essay is the best it can be.

Easy Word Count: All essays have word counts for a reason, to stop you from rambling in your college admission essay, or not including enough information. Paste your essay into this tool and it will give you a quick and accurate word count. It also checks your spelling, which is an added bonus.

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Cite It In: Your citations need to be perfect, otherwise, you could run the risk of being accused of plagiarism. Use this website to get the correct citation for any source you use, saving you the time and hassle of doing it all by hand. It should have the correct citation for you, no matter what system you need to use.

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Using these essay writing tips and resources will help your essay to stand out from the crowd – the first step to winning that all-important scholarship. Good luck when writing your college admission essay and scholarship essays!

These tips work for scholarship essay writing and when creating the college admission essay!


Once you are sure you know what the body is asking of you, brainstorm some ideas of what you could write about. Try to find things that answer the questions, and will also appeal on a personal level to the people reading your essay.

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Outline your introduction, main text, and your conclusion.

  • Your introduction should concisely state what you will be showing the board.
  • The main body should then be broken down into paragraphs – each one talking about a new point. All of these paragraphs should be used to illustrate the statement you made in your introduction.
  • Your conclusion should reiterate the most salient points.


Write The Essay, Following Your Outline

You should now expand your outline to a full essay, making sure you take into account specifications provided by the scholarship’s submission guidelines. Word count, font, spacing, etc. should all be adhered to.


  • Make sure the essay fully answers the question you were asked.
  • Make sure it’s written in your voice – it should sound passionate and personal, not robotic.
  • Make sure it reads well. Does anything come across as a bit jumbled?
  • Make sure your spelling, grammar, and punctuation are perfect. Enlist the help of a friend if necessary!
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