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Students need to think outside of the box when it comes to scholarship searching, applying, and submitting their applications. These unique scholarship tips are THE BEST WAY to find, apply for, and WIN more money for school.

College is increasingly so expensive that parents and their students are desperate to find ways to help pay for it. I helped my son win over $100,000 in college scholarships and want to help you too. How did I do it? Read my story here.

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Don’t Make This Mistake!

Most students use the internet and only the internet to search for and find scholarships. There are many other methods of finding scholarships though! In Step 2 of my guide, you will find alternate methods of finding scholarships. The beauty of these methods is that you will find scholarships that many other students will not find, which increases your chance of winning the scholarship. THAT is what you want.

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Create A New Email!

Have you ever come across an email that makes you stop and say, “HUH?” That happens all the time, according to scholarship judges. Email addresses like and do NOT impress, they leave a bad first impression! If your email address is questionable, be sure to create a new one for all your scholarship searching, to put on your scholarship resume and all applications that you submit. Make it something that will not make the judges stop and wonder why you didn’t take the time to create a new, clean, easy to read and understand, email address. It’s the little things like this that make a BIG difference and helps you win college scholarships.

Little Scholarships or BIG scholarships?

Should you apply for big or little scholarships? Early on in my scholarship research, I read somewhere that you should only apply for scholarships that are for $5000 or more. WHAT? That cuts out like 80% (at least) of all scholarships! Apply for EVERY scholarship that you qualify for! Little scholarships DO add up. My son won one big one and a TON of little ones. Enough said.

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Need-Based Scholarships?

Did you know that some “need-based” (they give scholarships to students with financial need) scholarships consider anyone with an income level below $100,000 to be needy? Some online universities offer these types of scholarships too. Don’t NOT apply for a need-based scholarship just because you think your parents make too much money! You never know what income levels they consider “too much” to be qualified to apply for their scholarship.

Don’t Pay Someone To Search For You!

No one can guarantee that you’ll win a scholarship. Sure, they can find scholarships for you, but can they write the essays, send the transcripts, and include your amazing letters of recommendation? Nope. Most of those promises sound too good to be true and they ARE. You might be thinking, “Well, then why should I buy your scholarship guide?” Well, you should buy my scholarship guide because my method of finding and applying for scholarships will save you a ton of time. It will also teach you how to put together a scholarship application packet that is completely different from the traditional application that your peers will send in. It will capture the attention of the judges and THAT is what you need to do to win college scholarships!

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Start Early!

Scholarship deadlines start as early as September of each new school year. While it’s true that a large percentage of scholarship applications are due in the spring, many others are due in the fall and winter months. Most students are not ready to start applying for scholarships until after the Christmas holidays. If you start early, your chances of winning those scholarships with early deadlines are automatically greater, since not as many students apply for them. Why wait? Be sure to read Start Early to Win More Scholarships.

Learn what it takes to give your scholarship applications the edge it takes to win money for college and be ready for those early deadlines!

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Well, R U? When you fill out your scholarship applications, write your essays, and prepare your scholarship resume, leave the text-type in your phone!  i mean it, lol!!! UG! Scholarship judges CRINGE when they read text-type. The lack of punctuation, non-proper use of capitalization, and mysterious abbreviations for phrases are a red flag and will get your applications thrown right into the “reject” pile. Sure, texting is fun, but it has no place in your scholarship applications. So as tempting as it may be to fire off that essay with text-type, be strong and resist. Let all the other applicants make that mistake, UKWIM? (You Know What I Mean?) See? *wink*

This is one of my favorite scholarship tips!

Change The Deadline

We all know how busy everyone is these days, and teenagers are especially crazy-busy. When you see a scholarship that you or your student would like to apply for, plan to send it in a week before the actual due date. When my son and I were busy preparing scholarship applications, I always put a sticky note on the application that had the date that he needed to have all of the information collected and finished by. (Letters of recommendation, essays, etc…) Little did he know that the date was a whole week before the actual due date or “posted by” deadline. That way, when he forgot to bring home a letter or didn’t quite have a chance to finish writing his essay, I didn’t get upset. Instead, I told him that he had 24 more hours to finish getting the required materials or his application would be late and probably thrown into the trash by the judges. Who wants that to happen??

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Scholarship Tips to Find Local Scholarships

Here is a great tip for finding even MORE local scholarships. Starting around the first of the year and continuing through spring, your local newspaper will more than likely have a “Names In the News” section. Start watching that section LIKE A HAWK. In that section, they will share local SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS, the names of the scholarships, and the companies that offer the scholarships. Write down this information and apply for the scholarships NEXT year. These scholarships are often NOT published in scholarship books like this or found by online scholarship search sites. Remember, local scholarships have MUCH less competition and your odds of winning are GREATER!


Tip For Finding Even MORE Local Scholarships
Looking for local scholarships? Local scholarships are great because the applicants are made up of mostly students from your high school. This means MUCH less competition and a greater chance you have of winning. Don’t just stick to the list given to you by your high school counselor though. Check out the websites of other high schools in your area and find THEIR list of local scholarships. The chances are that you will find even more scholarships that you qualify to apply for listed there. There is nothing wrong with going to a high school website that is not yours. These are public sites that anyone can go to. The easiest way to find the scholarships at each high school site is to look for “guidance” or “counseling” and click on the links provided.

Scholarship Applications Need to LOOK and FEEL Different

That’s right! With thousands of students applying for the same scholarship awards, you NEED to learn how to make your applications feel different to the touch and look visually different to the judges from all the others. It’s all about marketing yourself and giving your applications the EDGE. I can show you exactly how to do that in my scholarship guide that is full of scholarship tips like these. What are you waiting for? 

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