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College Scholarships for Sophomores in High School

Scholarships for sophomores may be harder to find, but they are out there.

[2022 Edition]

College Scholarships for Sophomores in High School - Find them here! #scholarships

Did you know that scholarships are not just for high school seniors or college students?

Many parents and students assume that the only scholarships available are for older students, but that simply is not true.

Are you a sophomore in high school or the parent of one? This post is just for you!

I cannot stress this enough:  It is not IF students apply, but HOW they apply for scholarships that separate the winners from the losers.

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Here are scholarships for high school sophomores and some of them are for any level of high school student.

Don’t Text and Drive College Scholarship

Coalition for College Exploration Scholarships

Hearthstone Housing Foundation Scholarship

Savor Summer Scholarship

$10,000 Scholarship, no essay or minimum GPA

Prudential Spirit of Community Scholarship (Now called the Emerging Visionaries Scholarship)

Great list of college scholarships for high school sophomores here! Click To Tweet

Carson Scholars Scholarship

CollegeXpress Scholarship

Toyota TeenDrive365 Video Challenge Scholarship (may be on hold for 2022)

Innovation in Education Scholarship

Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation

Compare College Costs

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Easy College Money Scholarship

Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship

A Salute to Engineering Scholarship

Visionary Scholarship

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College scholarships for sophomores in high school

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College Scholarships for High School Sophomores - Find them here! #scholarships
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