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Self-Marketing is Key to College Admission

College admission has been transformed by technology and the student who is behind the times will more than likely suffer. Find out how students can market themselves to increase their chances of getting into their dream schools.

Self-Marketing is the Key to College Admission

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The way college admissions officers decide if a student is right for their institution is not like it used to be and students need to stay on top of the current trend if they want to increase their chances of getting into their dream school.  College Prep and Parenting Expert, Wendy David-Gaines, has solid, up-to-date advice for students seeking college admission and beyond.

Researching and learning self-marketing techniques and using them as part of the college application process is an excellent way for students to stand out and get noticed. Learn what works and what doesn’t in Wendy’s latest article and stay informed about the current trends in college prep. 


As more colleges shy away from reliance on standardized test scores, more emphasis is placed on other parts of the college application. Technology has also transformed the college admission process providing students new ways to market themselves. A recent article in us.news.com entitled 5 Steps for Scripting a Video College Application Essay can be applied beyond it’s stated purpose. Students can extrapolate the advice for interviews, presentations, reports or other forms of communication. The bonus is these ideas can be used in college admission and beyond by students and parents.

The college-bound need to consider all their interactions with colleges as an opportunity to advertise and promote themselves as valuable candidates for admission. It’s not about topping someone else but showcasing something unique and special the student has to offer to the college community.

First impressions are powerful and lasting so think about what the other person’s perception may be from the start. Positive reactions to introductions can lead the way to more opportunities. Like a great book, capture the audience with an intriguing opening line that makes them want to know more.

This is what college admission in the 21st century is all about!

The goal is to show future commitment for both parties will be mutually beneficial. Be prepared to prove points concisely and have some examples or analogies to support introductory statements. Make sure they are consistent with how the student wants to be remembered. Social media and blog entries that are contradictory can raise red flags.

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Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and areas that need improvement. Genuine enthusiasm can enhance the former and put a positive spin on the latter. Spark the flame of passion by contemplating personal motivation and inspiration.

Whether speaking or writing, the words used are important. They should flow and convey the message clearly.

Students can also use this information in applying for college scholarships, as competition is tough and becoming a memorable candidate is priceless!

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Self-Marketing is the Key to College Admission
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