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How to Start the College Scholarship Process 

The college scholarship process may seem confusing and overwhelming at first, but help is here!

[2022 Edition]

The College Scholarship Process - Help is Here!

I know exactly where you are coming from.

You want your student to win college scholarships because, frankly, you don’t have enough money saved to send him or her to the school of their dreams.

Sounds simple, right?

Start the college scholarship process with your student HERE and save yourself TIME and headaches!Sadly, telling students they need to win scholarship money usually backfires for parents of teenagers.

I’ve been there. (Three times!)

Students who feel pressure to win money for higher education with no idea how to start the college scholarship process feel lost and will give-up completely in a short period of time, so what’s a parent to do?

Know that I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

The answer to this question is really the heart and soul of my college scholarship guides, but let me share a bit about what worked for my son and you can download your copy ASAP.


It is imperative that students know why they need to win scholarship money, so the first step is to share exactly why they need to put in the work now.

Have an honest talk about your finances and show them the cost of attendance at their dream school.

Tell them how much you can afford to contribute and how much they need to raise in the form of scholarships won.


Let your students know what will be expected of them in the scholarship process. Assure them that they are not alone. Tell them how you will partner with them (as I share here) and together more scholarships will be found and applied for.

The college scholarship process does not have to be a mystery!


Send them my most popular post, 10 Great Sites for Finding College Scholarships, and then tell them the importance of applying for as many local scholarships as possible.

Purchase this college scholarship listing book to have at your home at all times.

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Getting organized right from the start plays a huge part in how scholarships are won because the more organized you are, the more awards your student can apply for. I go into great detail about getting organized in the scholarship process in my scholarship guide ebooks and cannot stress enough how much of a difference this makes.

When I was first starting my research into how students win scholarships, I purchased a few books and saved a TON of online articles. There really is a lot out there and wading through it all took many dedicated months.

How to start the college scholarship process - Help is here!Do you have that kind of time? If you do, great! If not, check out my college scholarship guide ebooks, How to Win College Scholarships

I have a guide for parents and a guide for students. If you are not sure which one you need or are wondering if it would be smart to get both, send me an email and I will help you make the best decision for you and your family.

I published what worked so beautifully for all three of my boys so parents like you and me would not have to spend as much time as I did wading through the clutter and clicking to nowhere in our Google searches for scholarship help.

As a result, I have helped countless families win thousands of scholarship dollars. (Fist bump!)

“As a mom preparing to weather the college scholarship application process, I found your guide to be both informative and easily read. It made a complex and overwhelming process seem approachable. Couldn’t have come at a better time for us. That’s for sure! Thanks!” M.W., Los Angeles, CA

Starting the college scholarship process may seem like a daunting task, but I am here to help you. ~ Monica Matthews

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How to start the college scholarship process

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How to start the college scholarship process when you have no idea what to do. Help is here!

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