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The Superb New College Scholarship Search Tool from TUN

Not all search tools are alike when trying to find scholarships and the new one from TUN, The University Network, is definitely one to check out and utilize!

New College Scholarship Search Tool from TUN

If you have spent even five minutes searching for scholarships online, you probably have felt the frustration of “clicking to nowhere” and coming up with useless and outdated awards or questionable sources of places to find college cash.

What scholarship search tools and websites can truly help students find legitimate awards?

My post today is a guest post from the fine people at TUN – The University Network. TUN has a wonderful new search tool that is easy to use and results in REAL scholarship information. Thank you, TUN!

Superb College Scholarship Search Tool from TUN #college #scholarships #ScholarshipMomSupply and Demand

Students are constantly searching the web for scholarships, but so many of the websites dedicated to scholarships are “clickbait” ad space, full of outdated or incorrect scholarship information.

So how should students know which scholarships are legitimate or which ones they actually qualify for (i.e. which ones they should spend time applying for)?

The University Network’s NEW Scholarship Search Tool makes it easy for students to filter and find scholarships that are right for them.

Scholarship Search Tool

The University Network, whose goal is to help students save, realized that making the scholarship search process easier for students is an excellent way to help them save both time and money (because time = money).

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TUN’s Scholarship Search Tool gives students the option to search for scholarships by grade levels (now even high schoolers can search for scholarships), majors, deadlines, state residency requirements, ethnicity, and more.

Further, every scholarship has its own page that gives students the basic information about the scholarship and the link to the scholarship provider’s website, so that they can easily apply for it.

In November, TUN added 4,348 new scholarships and articles about various types of scholarships and 340 compendium scholarship articles that help students find scholarships intended for a specific group of people.

For example, we have a compendium article on scholarships for transfer students and one on scholarships for women.

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Artificial Intelligence

TUN has also integrated artificial intelligence into the scholarship search page with the use of IBM Watson in our chat box. Students can now ask questions, and our chatbot will help them through their scholarship search. At this point, the artificial intelligence is more “artificial” than “intelligent,” however it will become better as more people use it. When it gets more advanced, we will make it more prominent and use it elsewhere on the site.

The University Network (TUN) has a wonderful scholarship search tool that is easy to use and results in REAL scholarship information. Check it out here! Click To Tweet

To start your search for scholarship money, head on over to the Scholarship Search Tool, and start clicking away!

(But first, make sure to read these tips and master the art of scholarship hacking!)

Good luck! 🙂

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