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College is increasingly so expensive that parents and their students are desperate to find ways to help pay for it. I helped my son win over $100,000 in college scholarships and want to help you too. How did I do it? Read my story here.

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Monica Matthews - Mom, Wife, College Scholarship ExpertHelping ease the burden of student debt, one college scholarship at a time.

~ Monica Matthews

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“I was delighted to read Ms Matthew’s truly insider scholarship guide. It’s so thorough that she’s figured out what font and size to use when typing out scholarship applications. I was particularly impressed that she used her own experience so I could know what to expect in a process that she doesn’t glorify or suggest “how easy it is.” What really caught my attention was HOW to present the applications. For example, use oversized envelopes when mailing your applications. That’s just for starters. I’m a marketing guy, and the marketing advice in this guide is priceless. Hint: Get this authoritative source while you still have time. Not getting it will have you wondering later…’What if I had purchased that scholarship advice.’ College is just too expensive not to act now.” Paul Hemphill, Planning for College

“Clear list of ideas for scholarships. Great reference guide!” T, Parent

“I have loved Monica’s approach to the Parent/Child scholarships team since I first learned of it, and am doing the same with my own child.”  J.V, Dad

“Monica’s books include many of the strategies I used to win over $1 million in scholarships in high school and college. I wished this book was around when I was in high school, for $27 I could have won even more money” – Davis N, Debt-free college graduate

Monica Matthews helped us get our son through school without debt!”  B.W., Parent

“Most comprehensive collection of winning scholarship aids I have ever come across.”  M.G., Parent

“Thanks for the great information on Twitter for my students both in private practice and at West Bloomfield High School.  You are very wise!  I am excited to connect on Linkedin, and hope to meet you in person at a conference one of these days.”  A.B., West Bloomfield College Admissions Career Center Coordinator

As always, your content is so good. Love that you give real tips and not just an open ended post. Please don’t stop! My college bound boys and I read every one of your posts! Big fans here in Dallas!”  Facebook Fan and Mom, Dallas, TX

“Helpful information! College planning and funding is so overwhelming. This guide would be a tremendous resource for anyone.”  B.W., Tennessee

“We are SO excited!  We used the ideas in your scholarship guide and THEY WORK!  At a dinner we had to attend to pick up one scholarship check, one of the judges told me that it was the way my son’s scholarship application was put together and presented that made it stand out and get chosen among the many that they had narrowed the stack down to.  Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!”  S.W., Marysville, MI

“Using tips from How to Win College Scholarships: A Guide for Parents in 10 Easy Steps, my high school senior secured scholarships to cover tuition, books and fees her first year in college. How exciting! No extra outlay of money for either she or I…her very important freshman year in college…allows her to focus completely on her studies. Staying organized listed as step #1 in the guide was essential. Completing all the lines and thinking of presentation as if she were acing a job interview helped immensely. Thank you, Monica, for putting together this thorough, inspirational and amusing guide. It’s a masterpiece and it truly works! If we can do it, so can you!!!”   T.R., Burtchville, MI

“The whole guide reads beautifully, very clear and organized step by step. You should market this to all high school counselors as a tool to give parents. Well done!”  H.C.,  Port Huron, MI

“I’ve read the book. The strategies make sense and are necessary to stand out in the scholarship process!” YouTube Viewer

How to Win College Scholarships - Guides for Parents and Students

“Thank you for the tips. I managed to win a $10.000 Entrance Scholarship at my university. I am very grateful and I will recommend your work to all my student friends!  Sincerely,  A.D.”  A.D., Student

“As a mom preparing to weather the college scholarship application process, I found your guide to be both informative and easily read. It made a complex and overwhelming process seem approachable. Couldn’t have come at a better time for us. That’s for sure!  Thanks!”  M.W.,  Los Angeles, CA

“My daughter has won over $32,000 in scholarships so far!  When she gets tired of applying, I remind her that she has made over $200 an hour so far and that gets her excited again.  She is my second daughter to use the ideas in your scholarship guide with success.”   Proud Dad

$1000 Cappex Easy Money College Scholarship

“Thank you for putting together such a well-written concise mountain of information, You have put so much work into helping your son – thank you for sharing all that you have learned. It was well worth the money!”    R.C., Hicksville, NY

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“This guide is a thoroughly researched, organized, and well written resource for parents and their college-bound students. Kudos to Ms. Matthews for helping families navigate these often turbulent waters.”   H.B.,  Big 10 University Marketing Director

“Organization made applying for scholarships a whole lot easier. Keeping track of the ones you’ve already applied for and the ones you plan on applying for, as well as when the due dates for those applications are, make it really simple to just go through when you have some spare time and fill out one or two applications. By breaking down each application into simple steps, preparing a good application that was likely to put me into consideration for the scholarship was neither difficult nor time consuming.”  Student

“By saving more time on each application, it made it possible to apply for more scholarships, increasing the chances of winning. To be honest, I got discouraged a lot when I was applying for scholarships, but the simplicity of filling out an already organized application made it easier to stay on task, and believe me, it’s more than worth it in the end!”    J.M., Student

“This info is just what I was looking for; I think all HS counselors need this! We have started keeping track of all the kids community service hours and I can’t wait to sit down with my daughter (junior) to start working on other stuff.  Thanks!”   S.A., Lakeport, Michigan Scholarships can be very scary, but help is here!“I LOVED your scholarship guide!  Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to answer my email and give me further help!”   C.L., Student, Colorado

“I think your website is fantastic and is of great help to many students seeking scholarships. It can be difficult when setting up an online business, with all the factors like marketing and SEO. But you have done well, and your product is actually a blessing worth the small investment, particularly for students and parents just starting our in searching and winning scholarships. Keep up the good work…”     S.H., East Coast

“Just had to tell you, we received the first envelope of “payback” and it was on my son’s birthday. Directly as a result of all your guidance and tips.  He was named State of Idaho High School Honoree for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award — all expense paid trip to DC (for he and I!) and $1,000.  I now know the feeling of opening the first envelope — as you said, the hard work does pay off — and the feeling is over the top!  Thanks again!”  L.B., Idaho

How to Win College Scholarships

“At my daughter’s awards ceremony, they announced the scholarship winners and kept calling her name over and over and over again.  It was amazing and everyone was saying that they had never heard of a student at our high school that won SO many scholarships.  Thank you for your scholarship guide!”   S.A., Michigan

“I love sharing when I find experts that help parents finance college. How to Win Scholarships in 10 Easy Steps is definitely a MUST READ. Monica Matthews provides insider tips, makes the scholarship process seem simple, and shares easy steps for anyone to follow. Reading this should become a family project for parents and their students.” 
Wendy David-Gaines, Author of Parents Of College Students Survival Stories

$10,000 scholarship, no essay or minimum GPA

“I used the appeals process you described in your scholarship guide and was awarded $1000 more in aid from my college!  Every bit helps, thank you!”   T.R., Adult College Student, Michigan

“I am infused with excitement at the possibility of scholarships for my daughter! Before reading your guide I was plagued by feelings of defeat at the prospect of helping my child seek out and apply for any financial assistance for her college education.  Your guide’s simple step by step directions are exactly what I needed to begin our journey.  As a sophomore in high school she already has begun journaling her volunteer experiences, building her resume, researching types of degrees and building a list of essay ideas thanks to your tips. The best part is that all this data is in a designated location (just as you suggest in the guide) and SHE is just as excited about the process as I am. We look forward to our shared success which we will be delighted to report to you with our deepest gratitude. Thank you.”    K.M, Michigan

“Great information that I like to pass on to my students!”   S.W., Teacher

“You know…I haven’t even read much of your book yet, but you have already helped me so much with just a couple of emails.  I am very busy…full time job and 3 kids! Always pretty stressed! And especially now with all the college preparation I was really starting to stress, but you have helped me a lot…to settle down, to put things in perspective and to not give up. I hope God blesses you in this business endeavor–because you are truly doing a good thing for others!”    P.H., Texas Parent

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! We got a big letter today…10K one time check! It was a business major scholarship and I have no doubt his chances were increased by the cover letter and student resume ideas. I can never thank you enough!”   B.D., Tennessee

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“Great place to hang out and learn about college scholarships!”
Alexis Avila, www.preppedandpolished.com

“I have read the scholarship guide and I am very impressed with the many ideas it has to secure scholarships.  I purchased this guide to help my husband get scholarships to go to college.  Due to the size of his Pell grants and grants from the State of Michigan, we never actually had to use this guide to help secure anything..but I would recommend this guide to anyone who is about to start college.”  W.S., Michigan

“I want to share my happy news with you.  I won a chamber of commerce scholarship for $1000!  What you taught me about preparing my scholarship application helped a lot!  Thank you!”  T.R., Adult Student

“Monica is a scholarship success story. She single handedly got her son a full ride into a top 20 University, all done by applying and winning scholarship money. I read her Ebook about how to find scholarship money and I found it resourceful, easy to read, and action-oriented.  I had Monica on my podcast (Listen to the podcast here) and she was really generous with her advice. Overall, if you’re a parent who doesn’t know where to start when looking for scholarship money, go to Monica Matthews. She is a trusted authority and she will take extremely good care of you.”  Alexis Avila, Founder of Prepped & Polished, Tutoring and Test Preparation

College Scholarship Essay Tip: Save Smart! More scholarship tips from Monica Matthews at https://how2winscholarships.com

“Thanks Monica for suggesting the LA Tutor scholarship to my son…he won it!! I just love all the info you post! Much appreciated!” A.A., Virginia

“I purchased your CD, and I want to extend my gratitude for this valuable resource.”  William, Higher Education Professional

Monica, you truly are a guru! I pass all the scholarship tips on to teachers/school counselors!”  L.G., Georgia

“I love your book and I learned a lot when I watched you on one of your webinars. I would definitely keep sharing your information online and on social media.”  Anonymous

“What a fantastic source of knowledge I wish I had had when I attended university! Go to college without the hassle of devastating deficits!” J.J., Facebook Follower

How to Win College Scholarships should be required reading for all parents and students on the college-bound journey. Not only does this book provide invaluable information about how to prepare for and successfully navigate the college scholarship process, it is also inspirational! After reading it, I was wishing I could go back to high school and go through the application process all over again. What a difference having this book would have made for me! Parents will walk away from this guide with the tools they need to help their students win scholarships and reassurance knowing that it IS possible!” J.S., Founder of ScholarPrep

“Monica is ‘THE’ Scholarship Expert. Her intimate experience as a college parent has given her the edge and subtle techniques that only a true expert would know. Her approach to scholarship submission is unique and precisely what any parent needs to know in order to effectively execute and win the scholarship of their choice!” K.M., GenerationYM CEO

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$10,000 scholarship, no essay or minimum GPA