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The PinkRose Breast Cancer College Scholarship

This Breast Cancer College Scholarship is open to students who have lost a parent and need financial help.

The Pink Rose Foundation Breast Cancer Scholarship

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Too many young students today have lost a parent due to breast cancer. For these students, finding a way to pay for college is more challenging and difficult because of the loss of financial and emotional support that comes with the death of a parent. 

The PinkRose Foundation was founded in 2003 with the goal of helping students pay for college after they have been through the tragedy of losing a parent from breast cancer. To date, the PinkRose Foundation has awarded $86,000 in scholarship money to deserving students. 

Here are the scholarship details and requirements for this breast cancer college scholarship:

  • Open to U.S. students under the age 25 who have lost a parent or legal guardian to breast cancer
  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • Applicants must be pursuing higher education/training or show proof of acceptance in a qualified program
  • One written statement with specific details required
  • Students must include a copy of the death certificate that indicates breast cancer as a cause of death
  • No GPA or income level requirement specified
  • Copy of student’s birth certificate required
  • Application opens on October 1 and closes on October 31

Winning Tips:  First and foremost, do not apply for the PinkRose Scholarship if you have not lost a parent or legal guardian to breast cancer. Losing any family member or loved one is extremely difficult, but this scholarship is open only to those who have specifically lost a parent or legal guardian. The guidelines for submitting the written statement are very detailed, so reading them carefully and following all instructions is key. Little details like including a picture and adding the student’s name and that of the deceased parent to the written statement should not be overlooked. The written statement contains two very specific portions and must not be more than two pages long. 

Students should highlight volunteering and leadership in their written statement, as winners are expected to agree to, “Embrace PinkRose’s spirit of volunteerism and engage in volunteer activities in my local community and at my college”.

This gives insight into the kind of student that the judges are looking for in their winners. Students should read the mission statement here and learn as much about The PinkRose Foundation as possible and share this knowledge in their essay. This is a mailed-in scholarship application, so applying early and mailing in all required materials is extremely important. Testimonials of previous winners can be found here and should be read to get more insight into the kind of student valued by the PinkRose Foundation.

To apply for this scholarship, click the link below:



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