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The Secret to College Success Has Been Found!

Out of all the habits that lead to college success, ONE has been proven to make the most impact on students.

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I know what you’re thinking:  What is it and give me some of that! 

Success is what we ALL want, whether we are students or parents. As parents, we can model successful behavior and hope that our kids will pick up on our habits and make them their own. 

Out of all the habits that lead to success, ONE has been proven to make the most impact on the college-bound: 


College prep and parenting expert, Wendy David-Gaines shares how important organization is in the lives of our students and states,

So how can parents model organization and give their students the best chance of college success? Read Wendy’s latest college parenting article and act on her wise parenting advice:


The procrastinators, the forgetful, the undisciplined, and those still in vacation mode are hit the hardest when schedules change. It can take a while to adapt and adjust to new routines. Habits take time to develop. But precious hours are a fleeting commodity for the college-bound and their parents. Fortunately, there is one soft skill that can set families up for success. Organization is the key.

Disorganization is a set-up for failure. There are deadlines to meet, more tasks to accomplish, and more commitments to fulfill. Failing can lead to loss of time and money like when a completed financial aid or scholarship application isn’t submitted because it was misplaced. Or an excellent paper receives a poor grade because it was produced after the due date. Or three hours was wasted looking for the best college essay the student ever wrote.

Organizing is a type of planning, managing, and coordinating skill. There are tools to help like calendars to note important events, appointments, and deadlines. Both paper and virtual file systems keep important documents together. And a well-lit, comfortable, quiet space that is appealing and welcoming will encourage use.

Parents and students can join together to avoid tarnishing the fresh start transition offers. They can begin with the soft skill of organization. It will be easier to prioritize, keep track, and follow through with their to-do list. Please share your views in the comments section about the skill to set up your fresh start for success.

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