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Scholarship Organization is the KEY to Winning More Awards

Scholarships are literally everywhere, but if students don’t have a SMART way of saving vital information before they apply, their chances of winning decrease significantly. The Scholarship Toolkit Organizer is the answer.

Scholarship Organization is the KEY to Winning Money for College

Think about this situation:  You come across a GREAT scholarship opportunity, but your student doesn’t qualify to apply, YET.

What should you do?

First, let me tell you what NOT TO DO.

Don’t think, “Oh, this is a great award, but since he doesn’t qualify right now, I’m going to move on and keep looking.”


“I love this scholarship opportunity and will add it to my list of awards for my daughter to apply for next year.”

I know what you might be thinking.

The first response lets a golden scholarship opportunity slip away easily. If a scholarship is found that a student can apply for at a later date, it should definitely be saved.

It’s HOW you save it that is important here, and I will get to that soon.

Let’s take a look at the second response.

The scholarship doesn’t quite fit the student yet, so it is added to a list to re-visit the following year.

What’s wrong with that?

Adding a scholarship to ONE list is a major mistake.

Instead, vital information about the award needs to be added to specific lists that take scholarship organization to a whole other level.

What are these vital details for optimum scholarship organization?

  • Name of the scholarship
  • Deadline
  • Level of student that may apply
  • Theme of the scholarship
  • Required materials
  • How the scholarship is submitted
  • Award amount

Why are there extra details?

All of my winning scholarship secrets, along with the Scholarship Toolkit Organizer, can be found right here >>

To win scholarships, students need to be aware of every single detail that pertains to that award.

The magic is in the details!

What are these details?

All 17 of them are found in my Scholarship Toolkit Organizer, with instructions on how to best use each and every one of them to your student’s advantage.

See, I used to be like you and would jot down the basics of each scholarship I came across for my sons, but then I had an eye-opening moment with my youngest son when he was in college.

I realized that I was wasting my precious time revisiting the websites of organizations offering scholarships to double-check details, get more information, and make sure nothing was missing before my son submitted his applications. (over and over and over…)

Also, (and this is HUGE) he ended up winning five renewable scholarships, each one with different requirements that must be submitted EACH YEAR before the money was sent to his college.

[Be sure to read:  How to Start the College Scholarship Process]

So, because my time and your time are limited and extremely valuable, I got to work to create a scholarship organizer that went way beyond the typical spreadsheet.

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The result? The Scholarship Toolkit Organizer!

NOTE: The STO is a spreadsheet downloaded using Google Sheets for your scholarship organization purposes. It is not a physical product that can be used if printed out.

How is it different?

The Scholarship Toolkit Organizer:

  • Is extremely user-friendly (there are clear “how-to” instructions for each column)
  • Collects information that goes much deeper than a typical spreadsheet
  • Is very affordable
  • Can easily be saved and shared with students
  • Reduces scholarship confusion and anxiety for both parents and students

Don’t just take my word for it though.

This is what the very first parents who used the Scholarship Toolkit Organizer said:

The Scholarship Toolkit Organizer neatly and concisely collects all vital information necessary for students and parents

The Scholarship Toolkit Organizer is the perfect accompaniment to the How to Win College Scholarships ebook!

The Scholarship Toolkit Organizer is Amazing

Grab your Scholarship Toolkit Organizer and get on your way to an easy and streamlined scholarship information collection system.

But wait, there’s more! (Haha, I’ve always wanted to say that!)

Here is a coupon code for $2.00 off, making the Scholarship Toolkit Organizer seriously the best deal EVER.

How is the STO accessed?

Use code: OrganizerOffer RIGHT HERE

The secret to scholarship organization is found right here

Are you still reading? Awesome! Here’s what one more happy parent had to say:

“I definitely like the scholarship toolkit [organizer]. It provides great information to help my daughter and I start and organize our scholarship search. At this point we are still early in the scholarship process. However, the guidance and organization tips definitely make the process feel less overwhelming. I think the price is fair and appropriate. Definitely a 5 star rating from me! J.C., Missouri


Grab your Scholarship Toolkit Organizer and get on your way to an easy and streamlined scholarship information collection system. Click To Tweet

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