Crucial Tips for Submitting Online College Scholarship Apps

Online college scholarship applications can be created to stand out to the judges with these smart tips!

(Post updated February 2020)

Crucial Tips for Submitting Online College Scholarship Apps

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Online college scholarship applications have specific actions for students to take that differ from traditional mailed in applications.

As more and more organizations offering college scholarship money are using online-only application submissions, it is important for students to learn specific rules when submitting their completed apps and materials for judging. 

As with all scholarship applications, waiting until the last minute to gather and submit the required materials can be a big mistake. 

The biggest risk students take when submitting an online application close to the deadline is competing with all the other students who also waited until the last minute. Unlike physically mailing an application and knowing it has been sent, clicking the “submit” button for an online application close to, or on, the due date might result in an application that is stuck somewhere in cyberspace or not accepted because of an overloaded website. 

Use these tips to submit smarter online college scholarship apps!Students submitting online scholarship apps need to electronically send them early AND make sure the other requested materials are also sent early. 

The online scholarship submission process often involves letters of recommendation, school transcripts, and/or other paperwork to be sent separately by the recommender or school. These materials must be received by the scholarship organization by the deadline to make the application complete and eligible for judging.

If any required materials are missing, the student’s application will most likely be instantly rejected.

Applying for online scholarships is much more involved than simply clicking a submission button. Students need to pay careful attention to the scholarship guidelines and make sure they are all followed before feeling confident that they have submitted the application correctly. Online college scholarship apps must be submitted mindfully!

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Crucial Tips for Submitting Online College Scholarship Apps


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