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7 Unique and Effective Ways to Find College Scholarships

I’m so BUSY; how do I find college scholarships?

This is how you find college scholarships!

One of the biggest reasons students and their parents have as to why they didn’t apply for college scholarships is the lack of time they assume it takes to find and apply for them.

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Here are some easy, non-time-consuming ways to find scholarships to help get you started:

  • Do you watch TV? Search for scholarships from one of these scholarship-listing websites during commercials.
  • Do you commute to and from work on a bus or train? Find scholarships while commuting.
  • Do you sit in your car waiting for your student’s sports or music practice to finish? Look for scholarships while you are waiting.
  • On your lunch break at work? Page through a scholarship listing book like this one while you are eating.
  • Surfing the internet at home? Click over to every high school website in your area and check out their scholarship lists for local students.
  • Chatting with friends? Tell them you and your student are trying to find scholarships and ask them to keep their eyes open.
  • Do you read the newspaper? Check and see if your paper has a “Names in the News” section. There, they list the winners of local scholarships. Jot down this info and have your students apply when they are qualified.

Think you have no time to find scholarships? Think again!

How to Find Scholarships for CollegeFinding scholarships is a big part of the process, and once you have your list, you are ready to help your student apply. 

STOP! Do NOT apply for any scholarships without first learning how to apply SMART. This makes a HUGE difference. What does this mean? Look HERE.

Don’t get caught in the “I have no time” excuse. Everyone is busy!

Squeeze in scholarship searching every chance that you get, and you will be amazed at how many scholarship opportunities you will find.

Do you have a unique way of finding college scholarships? Share it in the comments section below!

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7 Unique and Effective Ways to Find College Scholarships

Where can I find college scholarships? Look here!


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