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What Students Should Do NOW for Fall Success in College

Success in college is what every parent wants for their students. Students, listen up. These success strategies are just for you!

Success in college tips for students!

Today’s blog entry is a guest post by Bruce Markewicz.

Bruce is President of DigitalUKnow, Managing Director of Interactive for a leading healthcare agency and a self-proclaimed productivity app geek. 

Thanks for sharing your info with my readers, Bruce!

What College Students Should Do Over the Summer Will Lead to Success in the Fall

The best tip to get ahead during the summer – get your productivity swagger on. 

So during your college tours, you heard all about the clubs, frats, sororities, organizations and ways that college experiences can enhance your life (other than getting an education).  

By the time most students start college, there is so much swirling in their heads that just getting through the day and paperwork is an accomplishment. 

Taking the time during the summer, before the onslaught of day-to-day college life, to get organized is a critical step for achieving success (and having more time to take advantage of all that college offers).

Use the tools directly at the student’s fingertips; computer, tablet, and cellphone. 

Explore the vast landscape of productivity apps available via the app stores (iTunes/Google Play).

These apps can really help a student manage the day to day tasks (ToDoist, Wunderlist), keep a calendar of all their activities and classes (Google Calendar, Sunrise), help organize all of the information their personal and academic life (Evernote, Google Keep) and assist with studying (StudyBlue).  

College scholarship organization is also extremely important and I highly recommend this smart tool to all students and their parents.

Most of these programs are scalable, cross-platform tools that can be used on your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. In most cases, you can also share various features of these apps with family, friends and college lab partners. 

Starting now BEFORE college starts will give the student an opportunity to learn the programs, organize all of the pre-college details and customize them to best suit your needs. 

It does take more time initially to set up your protocols and how best to incorporate the apps into your life, but after that period of time, you’ll find you can’t live your suite of productivity apps.  

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This is EXCELLENT advice, Bruce! Learning how to be digitally productive also helps immensely when searching and applying for college scholarships.  

College Success Tips for Students - Get organized NOW!

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