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Win More College Scholarships With a Higher ACT Score

The ACT CODE platform includes everything you need to prepare for the ACT online.

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Did you know that a higher ACT score can lead to more college scholarships won, greater chances of college admissions, and a higher chance of qualifying for university Honors programs?

Actcode.org is an award-winning online ACT Prep program that helps students raise their ACT scores. 

My guest blogger today is Todd Covert of ACT Code. Thanks for the info, Todd!

The ACT CODE platform includes everything you need to prepare for the ACT online — from a live virtual classroom.

The ACT CODE provides exclusive features that enhance collaboration between other students and our live teachers.

Our interactive live classrooms are all in HD and are limited to 10 students per class. Our virtual classroom includes a collaborative whiteboard and real-time document, as well as video sharing.  Our lives classes can be attended on any mobile, tablet or PC.
  • Formulae, Theorems, and Postulates related to ACT Math Content covering:
  • Pre-Algebra (fractions, decimals, percentages, number lines, etc.), Algebra (FOIL-method, isolation of variables, setting up to solve for “unknowns”, deductive problem-solving logic and more), Geometry (Triangles, Circles, Polygons, Area, Perimeter, Plane and 3-Dimensional Graphing, etc.) and Trigonometry (sine, cosine and tangent functions, logarithms and the Unit Circle).
Students will also review terminology and jargon/definitions to focus their efforts efficiently and target the operations necessary to solve the problems as presented.
Our unique, strategic approach and Lesson Plans will prepare students for The ACT English Test format and content.
ACT Prep Class Includes:

  • Summary includes: Sentence Structure, Punctuation
  • Capitalization, Syntax, Semantics, Vocabulary related to Homonyms/Homophones
  • Subject-Verb Agreement, Verb Tenses
  • Parentheticals
  • Apposition, Redundancy/ Wordiness-Error Correction and more
Students will be presented with a Template/Rubric for structuring each paragraph of their essays with key points of instruction based on providing evidence that supports their thesis.
The ACT’s desired Essay Format is presented that will enable students to provide a detailed and professional composition that meets and exceeds the Writing Section’s requirements. An appropriate method of pre-writing and outlining is also covered in this lesson.
A unique methodology is presented to focus on the utilization of evidence from the passages to confirm or refute offered responses in each answer set based on keywords, antonyms vs. synonyms, and 2 (two) part statements. Answer elimination is emphasized as a time-saving mechanism.

The Live Virtual Classroom: actcode.org

NOTE:  The link has been removed, as ACTCODE is no longer a functioning website. I highly recommend this book to help students prepare for and increase their ACT scores.

Win more college scholarships with a higher ACT score


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