Win the Scholarship Game

 Winning the College Scholarship Game

What do students need to know when they are trying to win the scholarship game? Keep reading…

How to Win the College Scholarship Game


To win college scholarships, you need to realize that the whole process is a lot like playing a game.

So, how does a student win the scholarship game?

There are lots of players all trying to win the prize and some might want it even more than you do.

Your strategy needs to involve making your scholarship applications shine so bright that the judges stop and take a second, third, or even fourth look at yours, and forget about all the rest. 

Picture this. Several scholarship judges are sitting around a big table with tall stacks of scholarship applications directly in front of them.

Each application is piled on top of another, with staples or paper clips holding the letters of recommendation, high school transcripts, application forms, and all the other materials that the directions specified in the scholarship requirements.

How to win the college scholarship gameAs each judge takes a scholarship packet and begins to read through them, papers get shuffled. Quite often, as pages are being passed from one judge to another, paper clips slip off of the packets and materials slip to the floor.

One judge rescues one such page and looks at it closer. Where is the name? Which scholarship packet did this page fall from?

He sees no name, just a typed essay. Into the trash it goes. After all, there are many more to read.

As one judge is in the middle of skimming an essay, he looks up and throws it into the trash, along with the rest of the scholarship application materials. When the scholarship rules say to write an essay in 650 words or less, they mean it.

Essays with more words that have been specified are easy excuses for judges to toss the application and move on to the next one.

Another is reading through an application and has to stop and wipe the ink smudges off so that he can make out the student’s information. He tries for a split second, shrugs, and then throws the whole scholarship application and all the materials into the trashcan.

Now, are you starting to get the picture?

Win the scholarship game and find money for college!

A judge who has been quickly skimming through his pile of applications suddenly stops and is compelled to take a close look at the next application packet in the pile. It is completely different than the others. 

It looks different. It feels different. IT STANDS OUT.

This student has applied SMART.

The judge reads through the application, and his eyes light up. It is very obvious that this student took the time and care to show the judges how badly he wanted to win the scholarship. The whole application is a joy to read.

It is clear, not missing anything, in the correct order, and looks and feels nothing like the rest in the piles.

This judge stops what he is doing, clears his throat loudly, and proudly tells his fellow judges that he has found the scholarship winner.

This student knew what it meant to apply SMART to win the scholarship game!

That could be you or your son or daughter! To be the winner in the scholarship game, what you need to do is learn the SMART method of making your application grab (and keep) the attention of the judges. Find out exactly what you need to know to be a scholarship winner:

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I am aware that the majority of scholarship applications are now submitted online. There is a whole section in my ebooks for parents and students that addresses this with vital online scholarship submission advice.

Comments:  This was so well done. What super advice for those applying to college as well. I wish all students (& parents of) could see this. It does make a difference. – Nancy, High School Counselor.

How to win the scholarship game - Find money for college!


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