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We have a scholarship winner!

I’m excited to share the winner of the 2017 Savor Summer College Scholarship!

Savor Summer College Scholarship Winner
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Monica Matthews - Mom, Wife, College Scholarship ExpertHelping ease the burden of student debt, one college scholarship at a time.

~ Monica Matthews

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I spent pretty much the whole day yesterday reading scholarship essays and learning about so many wonderful, dedicated and caring college-bound students.

This year’s batch of Savor Summer College Scholarship applicants was the biggest yet, making the choice of a winner a very tough one. I wish I could give scholarship money to ALL of the top three students when I was finally able to narrow down the possible winners.

Thank you to everyone who applied and please keep applying for scholarships all the way up to college graduation!

We all know there can only be one winner though, so I’d like to congratulate rising high school senior, AMY VAN DER MERWE!

Here are the reasons why Amy was chosen as the winner of the Savor Summer College Scholarship:

  • The application packet arrived in pristine condition
  • All required materials were included and neatly arranged
  • The essay was extremely interesting, from the very first word to the last sentence
  • Amy’s letter of recommendation was detailed and specific
  • The application was neatly typed and easy to read
  • After reading through each page of the application, I felt like I actually knew Amy

Congratulations, Amy! Your future is bright and I’m excited for you! Good luck in your senior year and apply for as many scholarships as you possibly can. You should be very proud of yourself!

Did you apply for the Savor Summer College Scholarship and are confused as to why you didn’t win?

Here are a few reasons. If you don’t believe your application reflected any of these, don’t stop applying. I had an idea of what kind of student I was looking for. Getting into the heads of scholarship judges is tough, but doing a little research can go a LONG way.

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  • The scholarship application packet came postage-due
  • One or more of the required materials was missing
  • The application was not signed
  • The materials were carelessly stuffed into a small envelope
  • The essay response had nothing to do with the question asked
  • Guidelines were blatantly ignored (more than one letter of recommendation, etc…)
  • The application was hand-written and difficult to read

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By saving more time on each application, it made it possible to apply for more scholarships, increasing the chances of winning. To be honest, I got discouraged a lot when I was applying for scholarships, but the simplicity of filling out an already organized application made it easier to stay on task, and believe me, it’s more than worth it in the end!” – Previous Winner

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