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12 Smart College Scholarship Prep Actions

When should students start the college scholarship process? Earlier than you probably think. Keep reading…

College Scholarship Prep Actions for Students

College scholarship prep is something that I feel very strongly about.


College scholarship prep involves the actions that parents can take to help put their students in a more favorable position when the time comes for them to apply for college scholarships. There are many ways that parents can use scholarship prep without placing undue pressure on students or creating an unhealthy atmosphere of extraordinarily high expectations. 

Listen to my podcast with Lauren Gaggioli of Higher Scores Test Prep and jump-start your student’s chances of winning money for college when the time comes for them to apply for scholarships.

Listen to the podcast by clicking here.

NOTELink Removed! Lauren is updating her site and will send a new link ASAP. Read the list in the box below and then go HERE for an article I wrote on how parents can best help prepare students to win more scholarships.

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  Scholarship prep actions discussed in the podcast:

  •   Volunteering
  •   Grades
  •   Easy ACT/SAT prep
  •   School honor societies
  •   Club memberships
  •   Organization
  •   Enrichment classes and programs
  •   Writing samples
  •   Visits to college campuses
  •   Positive college language
  •   Financial aid procedures and terms
  •   Correct social media habits

“A succinct and easy-to-read guide for any parent who is aiming to acquire scholarships for their child for the first time. While the internet can be extremely helpful to finding scholarships, it can also cause an overwhelming feeling when setting out to do this for the first time.

Matthews lays out clear steps on how to stay organized during the application process as well as the materials you’ll need to have in order to be adequately prepared.

Like make-ahead freezer meal guides, Matthews streamlines the scholarship process to help you and your child accomplish more in less time.”

Download your copy of How to Win College Scholarships HERE.

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College Scholarship Prep - What to do NOW to help students win scholarships LATER

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