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Breaking Book Barriers – FREE Test Prep Resources for Students

Breaking Book Barriers is an amazing website offering college-bound students FREE test prep materials.

Breaking Book Barriers - FREE Test Prep Resources for Students

Today I have a guest post from Tanya of Breaking Book Barriers. Tanya is a junior in high school and the founder of this great program. She is passionate about ensuring that all students have access to education, and can’t wait to continually impact high school students for the better. Apart from Breaking Book Barriers, she is involved with DECA, student council, and robotics.

Thank you for all you do for students with this amazing service, Tanya!

Breaking Book Barriers

Breaking Book Barriers is a platform for students to trade in old prep books for new ones. SAT, ACT, and AP books are incredibly expensive, particularly when students need several of these books throughout their high school careers. Libraries often don’t have enough of these books, and even if they do, students cannot keep the books for longer than a few weeks. At Breaking Book Barriers, our goal is to ensure that all students have access to test prep material and are well equipped to succeed on standardized tests.

Users can register on the website and choose the books that they need. These books will then be shipped out to them for free. Users can keep books for as long as they need, and then re-list them when they are done with their test. We keep up our inventory by asking for donations of used books.

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Our service is completely free to high school students.

The other component of Breaking Book Barriers is the free advice that we give. Many students do not have access to expensive test prep tutors, so we create blog posts and videos explaining various concepts related to the SAT and ACT. Over the next few weeks, we will be partnering with several student-run organizations that offer free test prep tutoring so that our students can have the benefit of an online tutor.

Over the past few months, we have grown Breaking Book Barriers’ team to seven high school and college students. We have had a very positive response from our current audience, and are hoping to reach even more students so that they can benefit from the service as well.


This is such a wonderful service, Tanya! Increasing SAT and ACT scores can also open up more scholarship opportunities, as I share in this post.

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