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#CampusChat – Back to School College Scholarship Tips for Students and Parents

#CampusChat - Back to School Scholarship Tips for Students and Parents

Is it really September already? I hope you had a fabulous summer!

As the new school year begins, let’s get down to business and help parents and their students kick-start the college scholarship process.

On Wednesday’s #CampusChat, my guest will be Todd Weaver. Todd is an Independent Educational Counselor and senior director with Strategies for College.  He is going to be answering questions about college scholarships for all levels of students. 

Are you wondering how you or your student can learn about and win college scholarships? 

DON’T MISS THIS #CAMPUSCHAT!  (Did you miss it? No worries! All of this information is found in the How to Win College Scholarships ebook)

Here are the important details:

  • What:           #CampusChat Twitter Chat
  • When:          Wednesday, September 7

(Did you miss the chat? No worries! The full script is below.)

  • Time:           1:00-2:00pm, EST
  • Topic:          Back to School College Scholarship Tips for Students and Parents
  • Host:            Monica Matthews @AidScholarship
  • Guest:         Todd Weaver @CollegeGamePlan
  • Sponsor:    Smart College Visit

Q1  What back-to-school scholarship tips do you have for parents of middle school students?  #CampusChat

A1 Start talking to your middle school student about their future goals; help them become extraordinary #CampusChat

A2 Consider advancing @BoyScouts or @GirlScouts for some wonderful scholarships #CampusChat 

A2 Amazing opportunities like The Gilbert and Marcia Kotzen Scholars Program – a full-ride @simmonscollege #CampusChat

Q2  Can you suggest any college scholarship opportunities that middle schoolers can apply for? #CampusChat

A2 Talk to mentors, clergy, guidance, older siblings of friends, and people in the community (i.e. selectmen, mayor, etc.) #CampusChat

A2 Learn about how others went through the college funding process; discover new options

A2 Consider starting Tuition Rewards to guarantee discounts at more than 350 colleges #CampusChat

Q3  What can middle school students do now to help increase their scholarship winning chances? #CampusChat

A3 Have their parents move to Wheelock, Vermont! Quirky, endowed scholarships exist at many colleges #CampusChat

A3 Start researching the student’s passions and what links they have to like-minded scholarship offerings #CampusChat

A3 Get good grades in the toughest classes they can get into and handle. Practice makes perfect! #CampusChat

Q4  What are your best college scholarship tips for high school students? #CampusChat

A4 Write, write, and write some more! Colleges love students who can write well and communicate #CampusChat

A4 Consider publishing some great history papers through vehicles like @concordreview #CampusChat

A4 Pursue “Varsity Academics” instead of varsity athletics – use summer institute to help students stand out #CampusChat

Q5  How can parents motivate high school students to apply for college scholarships? #CampusChat

A5 If able to do so, offer to provide “family match” scholarships students win $500 scholarship = $500 from parents #CampusChat

A5 Teach students that the more they earn, save, get for scholarships; then the less debt they may have at graduation #CampusChat

A5 Explain how quickly excessive debt can get out of control. #CampusChat

Q6  Do you have specific college scholarship tips for new high school seniors? #CampusChat

A6 Research past scholarship offerings at the guidance office #CampusChat

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A6 Get the best possible grades and test scores you can; and AP credits can offer discounts at many colleges, too #CampusChat

A6 Positioning – do NOT seek “reach” schools (no merit aid for the bottom of the class); rather “target” colleges #CampusChat

Q7  If a student is already in college, what should they do to find & win scholarships? #CampusChat

A7 Walk into the financial aid office and ask what options are available #CampusChat

A7 Take time to talk to professors and other students to learn about $ options  #CampusChat

A7 Consider the career center (yes, talking to them when a freshman could help!) and ask about companies offering paid internships #CampusChat

Q8  What role can parents play in the college scholarship process? #CampusChat

A8 Encourage exploration and allow students to make their own mistakes #CampusChat

A8 Allow students to follow their passion, not yours! #CampusChat

A8 Have younger students attend “Scholarship Night” for graduating Seniors to let them see what’s available #CampusChat

Q9  Where do you suggest that students and their parents find college scholarships? #CampusChat

A9 Start with the college where the student is a highly valued candidate; and offers merit aid #CampusChat

A9 Take time to research student goals and what scholarship options exist at appropriate colleges #CampusChat

A9 Remain open-minded and don’t simply turn away from colleges that will maximize “other people’s money” #CampusChat

Q10  What are your 3 top back-to-school tips for all students when it comes to winning scholarship money? #CampusChat

A10 Work hard in the classroom – top grades mean a higher percentage of success for merit awards, where they exist #CampusChat

A10 plan, prepare, and study as best you can for standardized tests; higher scores = higher scholarships #CampusChat

A10 Have fun! Make the process enjoyable for all Remember not to chase “shiny objects” with no merit options #CampusChat

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