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College Scholarship Thank You Notes: Do It!

Should students send college scholarship thank-you notes?

Should students send college scholarship thank you notes?

If someone handed you $1000, would you ever consider NOT saying thank you?

 I don’t think so!

When a student wins a college scholarship in ANY amount, the very least they can do is take a few minutes to write a thank-you note expressing their appreciation.

Scholarship providers love to hear from the winners that they selected and know they made the right choice when a thank-you note is sent with sincere gratitude.

The note does not need to be long or wordy, but should be handwritten and include the following:

  • Gratitude
  • Intended college choice
  • Future plans (major, career focus)

Parents can help by locating the correct address for each organization that awarded a scholarship to their student.

It can sometimes be tricky to find these addresses, and a phone call made or an email sent might be the only way to get them. 

I will never forget trying to find the correct address for one of my son’s scholarship providers.

I ended up calling the number on the scholarship award letter and was told, “Wow, we’ve never had a student send us a thank-you note before!”

That was for a $3000 college scholarship!

Handwritten thank-you notes are always appreciated, and I’ve even heard of students who make such an impression that they are offered additional scholarship money for their future years in college.

These students follow up their thank-you notes with an update towards the end of the school year, sharing with the scholarship providers how their studies are going and thanking them again for the financial help. 

Some scholarship awards even come with mandatory thank you note instructions.

In some instances, if the thank-you note is not received by a certain date, the scholarship money is forfeited. 

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Parents, stay on top of each scholarship your student wins and what the instructions and follow-through are to actually receive the money.

You can’t go wrong with saying thank you and thank YOU for reading my scholarship blog!

college scholarship thank you note
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