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College Scholarship Tip:  Name Drop!

This college scholarship tip is easy, fast, and simple.

College Scholarship Tip - Name Drop

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 A HUGE part of how I was able to help my son win so much scholarship money is due to my research into what scholarship judges want and look for in their winners.

One tip I learned is that recognizing the organization that offers scholarship money in a student’s essay can make the difference between winning and losing a college scholarship. 

One scholarship judge discussed her method of scoring scholarship essays. She explained that mentioning the name of the university the student wants to attend or the name of the scholarship offered was worth 30 points out of 100. This college scholarship tip will help students write stronger essays!

In her most recent judging, only 3 out of 29 applicants talked about the university.  A student’s passion about why they want to go to that university or win a certain scholarship also needs to come through in reading the essay.  This might not be stated in the essay guidelines, but is a big part of the total score. 

Are all scholarship applications judged using this criteria? No, but it can never hurt to share the name of the scholarship, organization, and/or university when applying. One thing to watch for though, is that students share the CORRECT name. When I judge my Savor Summer College Scholarship each year, there are always several applicants that refer to it by a different name. According to college scholarship judges, this happens all to often.

Details matter and it pays to name-drop!

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Learn more about what scholarship judges want by reading College Scholarship Judge Reveals Winning Tips.

Have you ever been a scholarship judge? Please feel free to share any college scholarship tip you feel is important with my readers and together let’s help students win more money for school!

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College Scholarship Tip - Name Drop!

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