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Where to Find College Scholarships

Where to find college scholarships

Are you looking for college scholarships?

Even if a student does not know exactly where he or she will be going to college or how much financial aid will be needed, they can search and apply for scholarships starting NOW. 

Scholarships can also be applied for while in college, but that is another blog post for another day!

2022 Update:  Go here to learn how current college students can find scholarships

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by students and parents is where to find college scholarships.

Here are some suggestions to get a scholarship list started. 

There are literally thousands of different scholarships available just waiting for students to apply for them.

  • Club Scholarships (Lions, Young Eagles, Masons, Rotary, etc)
  • Religious Scholarships (Ask at your place of worship)
  • Bank and Credit Union Scholarships (Not a customer? Open an account and then apply!)
  • Hospitals
  • Employers (Students, parents, grandparents, check all requirements carefully)
  • Veterans (Parents, family members, students- again, check requirements before applying)
  • High School websites (Any and all in the surrounding area)
  • College websites (They all list TONS of scholarships, some for their students, some for ANY student)
  • Community Foundations
  • Scouting (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts)
  • National Honor Society
  • Intended college major/area of interest (For example, future pilots-check with pilot’s associations)
  • High school counselor’s office
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Tips on searching for college scholarships

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If you have any more suggestions on where to find college scholarships, please share them in the comments section below!  :)

Helping ease the burden of student debt, one college scholarship at a time.

~ Monica Matthews



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Where to find scholarships for college

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