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Scholarship Essays, Applications, Deadlines…Oh my!

Scholarship essays and applications with looming deadlines may seem daunting.

Help is here!

[2022 Edition]

Helping the college bound achieve their dreams

Scholarship deadlines are getting oh so much closer…

Do you know how to make your scholarship applications and essays stand out?

Do you know how to help your student create killer online scholarship applications?

Do you know the way to get them noticed by the scholarship judges as soon as they come out of the envelopes that you sent them in?

There IS a way to make your scholarship applications different from those of your peers! 

This happy mom says it all:

“This ebook is very helpful to anyone with high school students wishing to come out of college with little or no debt.

Very well organized and all the steps are super easy to follow!

A must-read for parents and students alike.

I used the steps in the guide to help my college-aged son go to college for free and plan to use the same steps for my 3 daughters currently in high school.

Well worth the money! Every high school should have this guide available for its college-bound students.”

This is from a REAL mother with a REAL son and 3 REAL high school daughters!

Scholarship Prep for Future Success

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You need this scholarship guide ebook and I am here to help you every step of the way.

Feel free to email me anytime if you have scholarship questions.

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