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Happy Birthday Scholarship – Celebrate and WIN More $$ for College

Birthday Scholarship Special! I am turning 52 on July 7th (GASP) and want to celebrate by giving you the BIGGEST scholarship guide discount that has ever been offered here.

Happy Birthday Scholarship - Celebrate and WIN More Money for College

A few years ago, when I turned 50, I ran a half-off special on my college scholarship guides (pdf versions) and it was a HUGE hit with both parents and students.

Happy Birthday Scholarship - Learn winning strategies and how to impress the judges!On July 7th, I’m turning 52 and am doing it again, but you guessed it…

The magic number is 52%.

Don’t miss this crazy deal, as it will only be live for ONE WEEK.


One of the biggest gifts I have given my three boys is the start of financial freedom after college graduation.


By partnering with them in the college scholarship process and teaching them how to apply in a way that gets the attention of the judges.

The result?

👨‍🎓 Son #3, NO STUDENT LOANS so far, as he is starting college this fall and has won enough scholarship money that no loans are needed.

I am so proud of my boys and am also in awe of those of you who have faithfully used my scholarship applying strategies to help your own kids.

No student should graduate from college with so much crushing student loan debt that they basically have a house payment with no house

Have you used my scholarship applying strategies?

Sherry has and says, 

“My son accepted a scholarship tonight from the local Rotary Club. He was one of 4 students receiving a scholarship. (A $2,000 scholarship renewable for 4 years for a total of $8,000) The announcer commented to the crowd that my son’s scholarship application was the “neatest” package he had ever seen in his 20 years of heading the scholarship committee. While my son had a good essay, and achievements to report, it was obvious that the presentation of the materials made a positive impact. Thank you, Monica Matthews, of How to Win College Scholarships, for the great advice and tips! The small investment I made in buying her book truly helped. This is the 4th scholarship my son has won and they all add up! I post this information to encourage parents that scholarships are available and if you are going to apply, apply smart!”

Theresa shares,

“Using tips from How to Win College Scholarships: A Guide for Parents in 10 Easy Steps, my high school senior secured scholarships to cover tuition, books and fees her first year in college. How exciting! No extra outlay of money for either she or I…her very important freshman year in college…allows her to focus completely on her studies. Staying organized listed as step #1 in the guide was essential. Completing all the lines and thinking of presentation as if she were acing a job interview helped immensely. Thank you, Monica, for putting together this thorough, inspirational and amusing guide. It’s a masterpiece and it truly works! If we can do it, so can you!!!”

How parents can help in the college scholarship process

Appily Easy Money Monthly Scholarship

Open to High School Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors! APPLY NOW HERE

This happy dad told me,

“My daughter has won over $32,000 in scholarships so far! When she gets tired of applying, I remind her that she has made over $200 an hour so far and that gets her excited again. She is my second daughter to use the ideas in your scholarship guide with success.” 

Celebrate with me and give your student the gift of as little student loan debt as possible.

(If you do need a student loan, be sure to compare rates and borrow wisely using this free tool.)


Use code HAPPYBIRTHDAY at checkout here to receive this super discount right now.

There is no risk, as I offer a 100% money-back guarantee if my information fails to help your student in the scholarship process. ~ Monica Matthews

(And in case you are wondering, I have only given ONE refund for the thousands of scholarship guides I have sold in the nine years I have been helping parents and students with my SMART scholarship applying strategies)

One of the biggest gifts I have given my three boys is the start of financial freedom after college graduation because of SCHOLARSHIPS. Click To Tweet
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