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High School Classes Matter in College Prep

Most high school students and their parents are aware that they should take challenging classes (Advanced Placement, Honors, etc.) if they are planning on going to college, but many don’t know which classes would benefit them the most.

Choosing high school classes to benefit college admissions

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College Prep and Parenting Expert, Wendy David-Gaines, provides direction in choosing high school classes in her valuable article, Classes the College Bound Should Take.

How can parents help and what classes will give students the most benefit? 

Read the entire article and stay informed and up-to-date on the best tips for college-bound students.


High school curricula is filled with required classes leaving students wiggle room to choose the level of difficulty or a couple of electives. The conventional wisdom for the college-bound is to pick the most rigorous courses they can do well in. Students often select electives based on their own personal interests. A recent article entitled 8 classes all college students should take from usatoday.com lists suggestions that many high schools already offer. Some of these can assist high school students to develop skills to help them get into college and succeed on and off-campus. Parents can help, too.

Public speaking, the eighth class mentioned, should be at the top for high school students. Many teens are uncomfortable speaking before large or small groups including their peers. However, mastering this skill can impress college admission staff, professors, and employers during an interview. Being able to speak effectively and concisely can also guide the way to leadership opportunities.

Clear communication is an ability that is sought by colleges and employers. Psychology and sociology classes can help students understand people, their behavior, and emotions so they can better interact and relate. This will be a big benefit during the transition from home to college and when encountering a multitude of different personalities and cultures.

Computer skills are a must and any course that adds a special talent to student resumes will aid in setting them apart and boost their studies’ work product to a higher level. Graphic or web design, coding, and application software classes can give a competitive edge to students seeking college admission and jobs.

Parents can help at home by teaching basic home economics skills like how to create a budget, learning the difference between wants and needs, preparing meals, and doing laundry. First aid skills are essential too. 

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High School Classes Matter in College Prep

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