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Complete Transparency for this Online Scholarship Blog

My online scholarship blog was created to help parents and their students win more money for college, so what’s the problem? Keep reading…

This is why I help students and their parents find money for college with my online scholarship blog.

Hi everyone! 

A few different things have happened in the past few days that have spurred me into writing this post and informing my online scholarship blog readers what is going through my head right now. Please bear with me here.

First, I just need to say, thank YOU for being here. If you are reading this post, you somehow landed on my scholarship website and you are probably looking for scholarships and ways to increase your chances of winning money for college. I invite you to click around my site, as there is a TON of information and scholarship advice to be found here.

If you are one of my regular online scholarship blog readers, you may have noticed that my site was down for the last 24 hours. I made the decision to upgrade to a dedicated server so my site would load faster and my readers would hopefully have a more positive experience as they read through my site and 9 years worth of scholarship blog posts. Yes, 9 years!

I love my online scholarship blog!In the last 24 hours, I have come to realize how much writing my blog posts and sharing my scholarship information means to me.

For a few harrowing hours, I actually thought that my blog and website were gone, as the site transfer was only supposed to take a few hours and because of a glitch from my web hosting company, it ended up taking much longer.

During this scary time, I wondered what I would do if my website had truly disappeared. Yes, I have made back-ups of my content, but nine years’ worth is a LOT of information and there was that nagging little, “what if” voice in my head that wouldn’t go away until my site was back up and running.

Luckily, as far as I can tell, all of my content is safe. What this time did for me was to reinforce my love for writing about scholarships, interviewing scholarship judges and winners, and helping parents and their students in the scholarship process any way that I can.

Head’s up people, I’m not going anywhere!

The second thing that happened was that someone made a comment about my online scholarship blog in a forum that attracts students looking for scholarship help. This is exactly what I posted:

Don’t wait until the last minute to ask busy teachers for letters of recommendation. Asking now will give them plenty of time to have your letters ready when school is over for the year.

If you are not sure who to ask or how to get the best possible letter, please read this article. Asking strategically really does make a difference in the quality of letters you will receive.

Good luck in all of your scholarship searching and applying! Monica Matthews

A reader on this forum replied,

“Blog spam full of affiliate links, FYI.”

That comment got me thinking. 

Do I have too many ads on my site?

Is it wrong to share affiliate links?

Is the small percentage I receive from each click, sign-up, or purchase worth frustrating my readers?

ARE my blog readers frustrated with my content?

Most people have no idea of the expense involved in building and maintaining a healthy website. I won’t bore you with the details of paying for security features (yes, my site has been hacked before), domain name and hosting services, secure email list costs (your privacy is important to me) and numerous other fees that come with owning a website, but trust me, there are a TON.

I also give away $500 each year to the winner of my Savor Summer College Scholarship.

In case you are wondering, this online scholarship site and the sales of my college scholarship guide are not making me rich.

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Do I have lots of scholarship guide ebook sales?

Yes, but what this has allowed me to do is continue to be a stay-at-home mom and do what I have come to dearly love:  Help families find and win scholarships. THIS is what I am all about.

Is my website full of “blog spam”? I honestly don’t think so, but you, my wonderful reader, might have a different opinion.

Is my scholarship blog truly making a difference for parents and students?

YES! I know it is. How? From emails like this:

“My daughter has won over $32,000 in scholarships so far! When she gets tired of applying, I remind her that she has made over $200 an hour so far and that gets her excited again. She is my second daughter to use the ideas in your scholarship guide with success.” Proud Dad

Would you do me a favor and let me know your thoughts about the helpfulness of my site and the ads found here? Your comments and suggestions would mean the world to me. 

If you have read this far, thank you!

Because it is my scholarship blog and I am tickled by the fact that I can instantly create and share an online coupon code, feel free to use the code ONLINESCHOLARSHIPBLOG right here for a 30% discount if you are interested in purchasing any of my scholarship guide ebooks. (Parents or Students).

Cheers! Monica Matthews

Why I do what I do with my online scholarship blog - Helping kids find money for college.

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