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Record Your Passion and Write Better Essays

Students need to write better essays to win more college scholarships. This easy tip is priceless!

Use this easy tip to write better college scholarship essays!

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Hey all!  Now that summer is winding down (sniff…..I adore summer!), many of you are thinking more about scholarships. If you are thinking about scholarships, then you are probably also thinking about scholarship ESSAYS. I’ve written quite a lot about writing amazing scholarship essays and gave some more thought about it today.

I was recently talking to a mom of an incredible athlete. Her daughter’s team had just gotten back from winning the Little League Softball World Series (WOOHOO Cros-Lex girls!!!!!) and she was telling me about all the special events that are being planned to honor the team. I told her that she should encourage her daughter (a high school sophomore) to write about her experiences and feelings NOW.


She needs to get those thoughts and memories down on paper before the craziness of these past few weeks leading up to the world series and all the excitement since, becomes jumbled and unclear. Of course she won’t forget the experiences, but those girls are on brain-overload right now. They are being honored left and right by their community. It’s a wonderful thing, but our brain cells can only retain so much information at once!

Why should she write about them now? A very popular scholarship essay question is:

Share how an important event changed your life (or had a big impact on your life, etc….)

In two years, she will be a high school senior and will be writing scholarship essays. She needs to be able to get ahead of the competition and write better essays to impress the judges.

Will she remember all the little details that would make her essays extra special and unique?

Probably not, but if she takes the time NOW to write about her experiences, then all she needs to do is pull out that notebook and take her own words, fresh from the incredible experience, and transform then into an amazing scholarship essay. Write a better scholarship essay with this easy tip!

Not to toot my own horn here, but I ran the Detroit Free Press Marathon in 2006. A few days later, I sat down at my computer and wrote about each and every mile of that 26.2 run. How I felt, what I saw, whom I spoke to, etc… To this day, I still love to pull out my words and read them again. I was injured shortly after that race and will never run another marathon. Don’t worry, (you are worried, right?) I can still run. My love of running has grown deeper from that whole experience, I just can’t train for and run any more marathons.

My point is, I am SO GLAD that I took the time to write down my experience! Memories seem so sharp until life gets in the way and they start to fade.

So, the moral of this blog post is:  No matter where you are in school (middle school, freshman, sophomore, college, etc….) if you have a major event in your life, write about it soon after. Don’t wait! You will be glad that you did when faced with a college scholarship essay that calls for the details of these events. You will be more than ready to write a much stronger and memorable essay that captures and keeps the attention of the college scholarship judges.

Students that write better essays win more college scholarships!

Use this quick and easy tip to write a better essay for college scholarships! Click To Tweet

Write better essays with this quick and easy college scholarship tip!

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