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Scholarship Resumes – Do you need one?

What are college scholarship resumes and why are they needed for students trying to win money for school? Keep reading…

What is a college scholarship resume and why are they important?#ScholarshipMom #ScholarshipTips

Early in high school is the best time for students to begin putting together their scholarship resumes. 

This is also known as creating an activity resume or brag sheet.

Starting early is key, because if students find their activities lacking, they still have time to put in some community service hours, sign-up for Advanced Placement classes, and/or find their honors and awards certificates that have been won.

What are you waiting for?

Not sure what a scholarship resume should include?

Use this list:

  • Full legal name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • G.P.A.
  • A.P./Honors classes taken
  • College classes
  • Community Service/Volunteering
  • Job/Employment
  • Special skills
  • Leadership Experience
  • Awards/Honors
  • Personal mission statement

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Many scholarship applications include an option to upload resumes directly, instead of typing out each activity that students have participated in while in high school.

What are college scholarship resumes and why are they needed for students trying to win money for school? Read this! Click To Tweet

Scholarship or activity resumes save a ton of time and allow students to share more details about themselves that make them more favorable and personable to the judges.

For mailed-in applications, students can simply print out their scholarship resumes and include them in the required packet of materials. 

When resumes for scholarships are created early in high school, students can simply keep adding activities as they progress and have a complete resume when they are high school seniors and knee-deep in applying for scholarships.

Find out exactly how to use a scholarship resume in this step-by-step scholarship guide!

Have you created your activity resume for scholarships yet?

College scholarship resume tips from the #ScholarshipMom


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College Scholarship Tip - Activity and Scholarship Resumes Impress the Judges!

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