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Summertime College Scholarship Prep on #CampusChat

Students who use these summertime college scholarship prep tips are just plain SMART!

Summer Scholarship Tips for Students

YES, summertime is almost upon us! 

NO, that doesn’t mean scholarship work is left at home while students head to the beach and play all summer!

Join me and other experts in the college industry as we share tips and advice on what your student can do this summer to help with winning college scholarships. 

Here are the details:

Where:  Twitter (Be sure you are following me, @AidScholarship, here)

Date:  Wednesday, June 3 (Did you miss the chat? No worries! The transcript is below.)

Time:  9:00pm EST, 5:00pm PST

Why:  To learn how students can maximize their chances of winning money for college by learning easy-to-follow summertime tasks and prep work.

I’m looking forward to tweeting with you!

Did you know that it’s not too late for students to apply for scholarships, even high school seniors & current college students?

There is a lot that students can do this summer to make them more scholarship-worthy, so let’s get started.

Q1.  What can students do before school is out for the summer to help with scholarship prep? 

A1.  Get letters of recommendation before leaving school

A1.  Get copies of transcripts

A1.  Visit hs guidance counselor and ask about summer and early fall deadline scholarships

Q2.  How else can students use school resources to help with summer scholarship prep? 

A2.  Students can create a scholarship or activity resume & let teachers/counselors proofread & make suggestions.

A2.  Students can think about any leadership positions they held in & out of school & plan for new ones

Q3.  How can students use the time off from school for college scholarship prep? 

A3. Students can volunteer & work to help their communities in areas that might become possible careers.

A3. They can establish relationships with volunteer supervisors that can write them quality letters of rec.

A3.  Students can use volunteer experiences to get ideas for personal & detailed scholarship essays.

Q4.  Can working a part-time job help with college scholarship prep? 

A4.  Yes! Working shows drive, ambition, and commitment, which scholarship judges appreciate in students.

A4.  Part-time jobs help students become more independent and well-rounded.

A4.  Experiences on the job also give students ideas for college scholarship essays.

Q5.  What can students do this summer to get organized in the college scholarship process? 

A5.  Students need to find & save report cards, honors, awards, & anything else that they might need for scholarship apps.

A5.  Parents and students can sit down & talk about college costs & finances. This talk should be done ASAP.

A5.  Parents & students can come up with a plan for finding & applying for college scholarships together.

Q6.  Will taking a class at a local community college help with college scholarship prep? 

A6.  Absolutely! Students will show a desire to learn and get ahead academically.

A6.  Students can take ACT/SAT prep courses. A higher score means better chances for lots of college scholarships.

A6.  Look for free or low-cost “camps” or enrichment classes.

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Q7.  How can students use summertime to find college scholarships? 

A7.  They can sign up for online scholarship sites like Fastweb.

A7.  Students need to create an email dedicated to college & scholarships. Use firstname.lastname@….com.

A7.  Students and parents can get & page through scholarship listing books like this one

A7.  Scholarship smartphone apps like Scholly can be downloaded and explored.

A7.  Read the local paper and look for local winners. Apply for that scholarship the following year.

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Q8.  How much time should students spend on college scholarship prep in the summer? 

A8.  Commit to a set number of minutes a day or week. Even sticking with an hour a week all summer adds up!

A8.  Students can also find a set number of scholarships a week that they qualify for and make a list.

A8.  Adding scholarships to the list all summer long will give them a great starting point for fall.

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Q9.  How can parents help with summertime college scholarship prep? 

A9.  Don’t put off the financial talk. Be open & honest about how much the family can contribute to college.

A9. Visit colleges locally or while on vacation. Help students get a feel for what they want and need in a school.

A9.  Assure students that they will NOT be alone in the scholarship process. This motivates kids & reduces scholarship stress!

Q10.  What are 3 of the most important tips you feel are important for summertime scholarship prep? 

A10.   Parents and students NEED to know college costs, what they can contribute, and student expectations.

A10.  Knowing the numbers helps motivate students to get ready to apply for as many scholarships as they can.

A10.  Students can use summertime to work, volunteer, AND have fun. Get organized & make a scholarship plan.

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A10. Don’t leave school without getting transcripts & letters of recommendation for scholarships.

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