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Text Typin College Scholarship Essays ~ R U Doing It?

Scholarship essays can make or break the whole application, so this tip needs to be followed for ALL of them!

Text Typin College Scholarship Essays - R U Doing It?

One thing I love to do is read college scholarship essays.

There are lots of online contests in which a student writes an essay and posts it for all to see, in hopes of getting the most votes. Popularity contest? Maybe, but I love to read these essays and vote for the ones that I consider winning essays.

Let’s take a good look at the last one that I read.

I won’t share the subject of the essay, the name of the contest, or the identity of the student. My point here is to get you to think about how an essay can make or break a scholarship application. 

Consider the title of the essay:

Yada Yada Yada.

No, that’s not what it really said, but see the period at the end? That was really there, at the end of the TITLE.

GOOD:  Having a title! Always give your scholarship essays catchy titles!

BAD Titles are not sentences, they don’t need periods. Basic grammar, people!

Take a look at the first sentence:

To whom it may concern,

GOOD:  ?

BAD:  You are not writing a letter to the scholarship judges! You are writing an essay in response to a prompted question or list of subjects to choose from. Start your essay with an interesting, compelling sentence that will draw the reader in and make them want to read more and learn more about YOU. (This is called a “hook” and you can learn more about it here.)

Carefully read part of the body of the essay:

 i know i can…

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GOOD:  Positive attitude, very important!

BAD:  “i”  vs. “I” Do NOT use texting lingo/lowercase letters when you are writing an essay! The judges know that you have a shift key on your computer keyboard, please use it. It is such a turn-off to see what many consider laziness on the part of the writer when only lowercase letters are used in place of proper capitalization.

Your scholarship essays are your opportunity to IMPRESS the judges, not make them scratch their heads and wonder about today’s generation. Let at least two pairs of fresh eyes read over your essays before submitting them to the judges. It could quite possibly mean the difference between winning the scholarship money :D or not. :(

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Text Typin College Scholarship Essays - R U Doing It?

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