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Using Key Resources to Navigate the College Process

How to help our students through the college process without missing any important details.

How parents can help in the college scholarship process

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Setting priorities and using key resources in the college process are important steps in cutting down on stress and missed opportunities. Fortunately, there are many options available for parents and their college-bound students in the form of counselors, teachers, and trusted experts in the college industry. One expert that I fully trust is College Parenting Expert, Wendy David-Gaines

Wendy shares,

High school and college students are fickle. They may think they clearly know their college and career plans one day, only to have everything change the next when new opportunities arise. As parents, we can help our students through the college process without missing any important details. 

Read Wendy’s article and help your students to avoid the labyrinth of indecision that often leads to nowhere on the path to higher education:


Using Key Resources to Navigate the College Process

Ever try fitting a square to-do list into a round day? That’s what many stressed parents and their college-bound students deal with all too often. They face missing key deadlines and opportunities. Navigating the college process right can avoid these pitfalls. It all comes down to one ability: setting priorities.

Prioritizing is a life skill parents can teach. It will help their children succeed in their college, career and personal lives. Good decision making comes from conscious choices and an awareness of consequences. It includes making a complete list, reviewing for needs versus wants and value versus effort, and being realistic about what is feasible under current circumstances. The last steps of scheduling and following through lead right back to repeating the process the next day.

No man is an island who can do it all. School counselors, teachers and other mentors in addition to parents can help. The college process is chock full of hard choices including deciding about high school course selection, extracurricular activities, college lists and visits, majors and minors, essays, standardized tests and preparation, admission and financial aid applications. It’s important for teens to know who to ask for guidance, especially when the picking gets tough.

Time is limited so committing to a course of action often means something is left on the table. Maybe it will be addressed in the future or maybe it will be dropped forever. Meanwhile, it is important for students to fully own their preferred election and really try to make it work.

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The thing about college priorities is they may change.

For example, many parents find this out during the senior year when their child is determined to attend college Y and study Z in September but by May he wants to go to college A and study B. Frustration can be avoided knowing each decision was made thoughtfully and based on the information at the time. Then families can move on to the next determination.

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