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Website Offers Winning Scholarship Tips

Looking for winning scholarship tips? Read the true story of how this mom helped her son win over $100,000 in college scholarships!

Read the winning scholarship tips that helped this student win over $100,000 for college! #scholarships #ScholarshipMom #ScholarshipTips

Hi, Scholarship Searchers!

I’d like to share the article that was in my local paper this week:

Website Offers Winning Scholarship Tips

Joshua Matthews had a dream to attend the University of Michigan. His parents shared this dream, but shuddered at the $25,000 per year cost of attending the university.  

As Matthews, from Jeddo, threw himself into his senior year at Croswell-Lexington High School, his mom, Monica Matthews, threw herself into learning everything there was to know about helping her son win college scholarships.

The family felt hopeful when Matthews sent his first scholarship application off early in the year. When the rejection letter came, the family felt frustrated, worried, and confused. Josh was a smart, well-rounded student.

Why wasn’t he chosen?  

Monica decided that there must be a way to get her son’s scholarship applications to stand out and be noticed. She read testimonies from successful recipients.

After months of research, she came up with a system of applying for scholarships that presented the application in a unique way. She helped Josh use the advice she had found while researching successful scholarship recipients.

College Scholarship Success with Monica MatthewsThey applied for scholarships right up to graduation day. The results were nothing short of amazing. Instead of rejection letters, Josh started winning just about all the scholarships he had applied for. He won enough money to pay for his freshman year, with money left over for the following years.

“One scholarship judge told me, ‘I have never seen a scholarship application packet quite like your sons. It was amazing!’” Monica said.

After friends and family learned of their success, Monica was urged to share her success strategy with other students and their parents.

Student wins over $100,000 for college using these winning scholarship tips! #ScholarshipMom Click To Tweet

The How to Win College Scholarships ebook is available at how2winscholarships.com.

The website also includes tips, advice, suggestions, a scholarship blog, and much more.

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“In today’s economy, parents and students everywhere are feeling overwhelmed with the high cost of a college education,” Monica said.

UPDATE:  Josh graduated from the University of Michigan in 2013 with ZERO debt. He kept applying for scholarships and because of his mom’s winning scholarship tips, he kept winning all through college. AMAZING!

Monica Matthews has since helped countless parents and their students win thousands of dollars for college with her winning scholarship tips.

Students and their parents who are looking for college scholarship money can easily get overwhelmed. I know, I’ve been there! Learn the step-by-step method that I developed to help my son go to college and graduate 100% debt-free here >>

This student won $100,000 for college using these winning scholarship tips! #college #scholarships #ScholarshipMom #ScholarshipTips
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