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Where do I start with college scholarships?

College scholarships can be a wonderful thing, but many students are confused and don’t know how to start the process. As a result, they don’t apply at all, and this is a BIG mistake.

College scholarships can be very confusing for many students - Help is here!

So many students ask these questions when it comes to college scholarships:

Where do I start my scholarship search?

Is there a website that tells me what to do?

The answer is yes…and no.

Happy Student who recently graduated and won scholarships for collegeThere are a TON of websites out there that will give you tips galore about how to find scholarships. The problem is that those sites are like one big huge commercial. They make you sign up so they can search for you, and in the meantime, you are giving them important and personal information about yourself or your student.

Be sure to read3 Solid Ways to Quickly Spot Fake Scholarships and Scams

STOP, unless you want your email and snail-mail boxes filled up with offers to lend you money, find college scholarships that they “guarantee” you will win, or other useless information.

These websites are businesses that thrive on selling your email address and home address. They make money on YOU. 

The truth is that there are valid ways of finding scholarships to apply for that do not take and use your personal information. Some of these ways may seem old-fashioned, but they WORK.

I know. I spent over a year searching for and helping my son apply for scholarships.

It was a busy year, but now he is student loan-free, and so are his parents. (That would be me and my husband!)

If you’d like to know how we did it, order copies of my How to Win College Scholarships ebooks (digital downloads) for parents and their students TODAY.

It’s that simple. The ebooks walk you and your student through the entire scholarship process, and I am always available for help and support after you both have read them. You will learn what it means to apply SMART.

This happy parent says it all:

Appily Easy Money Monthly Scholarship

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“Son is a freshman and so far nothing out of pocket at least for this 1st year. For years 2-4, out of pocket is reasonable and will be paid from 529 so no loans. Remaining $ in 529 is geared for graduate school. But we’re consistently working on outside scholarships. Definitely pick up the How to Win Scholarships ebooks. Very valuable info.

One of my son’s scholarship committees were so impressed with his hard copy application they gave him a $100 visa giftcard outside of the normal $500 scholarship. They said the “packet” was so impressive. Also, his interview was impressive as well but they couldn’t get over his packet.” W.Y., Facebook Fan

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Start here to find and win college scholarships

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