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Club Scholarships – Is membership required?

Club scholarships are everywhere, and YOU or your student might qualify to apply for one!

Win club scholarships for college with this super easy tip!

Do you or your parents belong to the American Legion?

How about the Lions Club?

The local Elks chapter?


Well, that’s OK!

Don’t overlook those club scholarships, as there are so many awards available.

You may think that you or your parents have to be a member of these organizations to apply for their club scholarships, but you don’t always have to! One of my sons won an Elks Scholarship, but we are NOT members of the local Elks Club. He just worked hard on his application, used my ideas about how to make his application stand out from the rest, and WON THE SCHOLARSHIP MONEY.

2023 Update:  My youngest son won a scholarship from our local Eagles Club, and we are NOT members!

Always check the scholarship guidelines for club scholarships to see if membership by you or one of your relatives is a requirement, and if it isn’t, go ahead and apply!

One other scholarship that my son won required him to become a member of the group IF he won the scholarship. Well, he won, and it was very simple for him to apply for membership before they sent the scholarship check. He was happy to do so because this was for an engineering scholarship, and his major in college was aerospace engineering! AWESOME!!  

Watch this short video to get more details on finding and applying for club scholarships.

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Lions Club Scholarships

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