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College Parents – You NEED to read this, trust me!

Are you the parent of a college student? How about a college-bound student? College parents need to stick together!

Important information for college parents! (and those with college-bound students)

I recently had the pleasure of reading Parents Of College Students Survival Stories by Wendy David-Gaines.

I loved it and know you will too! Read on:

I am a POCS, are you?  I am also a Pre-POCS. 

If you are scratching your head trying to figure out what I am talking about, let me clarify. 

I am a Parent Of a College Student and a Pre-Parent Of a College Student! My oldest son is a junior in college and my middle son is a junior in high school. 

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I recently came across a book that, after delving into the first few pages, I COULD NOT PUT DOWN until I had finished it. 

Wendy David-Gaines, the author of POCS Survival Stories, takes the stressful, serious, and often confusing, process of having a college-bound student and breaks it down into quirky, amusing, and touching tales that parents everywhere can relate to. 

Each story that I read prompted me to smile, chuckle, or say to myself, “Oh, that’s a great idea!”

POCS - Parents of College Students Survival Stories

POCS Survival Stories contains valuable information crucial to surviving the college process from finding a college all the way to life after college. ALL college parents and pre-college parents will love this book.

Parents will learn the meaning of mysterious financial aid terms such as “EFC” and “FAFSA” while picking up tips on dorm packing, move-in day dilemmas, campus security details, and care packages from home, to name just a few. 

Wendy David-Gaines takes the stressful experience of being a parent of a college-bound student and molds it into an amusing journey full of laughter, love, and truth. 

If you are a Pre-POCS or a POCS, you will love and cherish this book!  

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It also makes a wonderful gift for parents of graduating high school seniors. They have successfully raised college-bound students and should also be congratulated!

Are you a college parent? Have you read Parents of College Students Survival Stories? What did you think?

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POCS Survival Stories for College Parents

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