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College Scholarship Tip:  Always Seek Knowledge! (ASK)

Use this college scholarship tip to discover a very easy way to find college scholarships for students.

[2023 Edition]

Use this college scholarship tip to find more scholarships.

Do you want to find more scholarship money, but don’t know who to ask or how to go about it?

When searching for college scholarships, just ASK = Always Seek Knowledge!

  • Ask employers (Parents and students)
  • Ask local banks and credit unions
  • Ask teachers and mentors
  • Ask at your place of worship
  • Ask local clubs (Use this tip to find more club scholarships)

Get the word out to friends and relatives and have them ask where they work, worship, bank, etc. Take this a step further and post about your scholarship hunt on social media.

Once people know that your student is trying to win scholarship money to help pay for college, they will usually be more than happy to do whatever it takes to help.

Still not sure where to ask? Try scout groups, community organizations/foundations, civic groups, hospitals, businesses, professional organizations, newspapers, all local high school websites, and restaurants.   

Keep asking and searching for scholarship money right up until college graduation.

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True Scholarship Story #1  I had not heard of a scholarship offered through our church after diligently checking the bulletin each week. I decided it could not hurt to ask, so I stopped by our pastor’s office. I asked him if there were scholarships available to college-bound students in the parish and do you know what he did? He reached into the top drawer of his desk, grabbed a packet of papers, and handed it to me. It was a scholarship application! If I had not taken the extra step and asked, I would have had no idea that our church offered a scholarship.

True Scholarship Story #2  A friend of mine is married to a pastor. She told me that in their church, they had announced (several times) that there was a scholarship available to college-bound students, but not one student applied. YIKES!!!

Leave no scholarship stone unturned and ask, ask, ask!


College Scholarship Tip: Always Seek Knowledge! (ASK)

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College Scholarship Tip - Always Seek Knowledge

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