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Don’t Count On New College App Extension Offers

College App Extension Offers – Who Benefits?

College App Extension Offers - Who Benefits?

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One of the most important rules in submitting college and scholarship applications is making sure students do not miss submission deadlines….or so it seemed. An interesting college application deadline extension has been offered by a dozen highly regarded schools this year already. How this plays out remains to be seen. College Parenting Expert, Wendy David-Gaines, takes a close look at the implications of these new deadline extensions in her latest article. 

Parents and students need to stay informed about trends like these and decide for themselves if applying later than the original deadline is a good idea or not. Read the full article, and as for college scholarship applications, do not miss the deadlines, as the early bird not only usually gets the worm, but impresses the judges by his or her promptness!

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A new college tactic entered the admission process this year to the surprise of counselors, parents, and their college-bound teens. About a dozen top schools offered to extend their January application deadlines and not because of emergencies, storms, website failures, or personal hardships, according to Bloomberg Business.

Who benefits most from this change may well be the colleges and not the students.

Missing a college application deadline usually means automatic rejection. That way otherwise qualified students would never have the chance to cross the finish line of college admission. “This year, at least a dozen elite colleges, including Chicago, Duke, Dartmouth, and Columbia, have offered extensions of once-sacrosanct January admissions deadlines,” Bloomberg Business reported. The non-emergency deadline extension gave additional time for procrastinating students but benefitted colleges, too.

Supply versus demand economics plays a key role in various college ranking lists. Colleges are rewarded for their selectivity. This is measured by the percentage of students admitted and rejected as compared to all who applied for admission. Selectivity goes up when the supply of admission spots available are fewer than the application demands looking to fill them.

The acceptance rate for colleges is an important statistic selective schools value. Encouraging more students to apply works in a college’s favor. The pressure is on schools especially if they are running behind or want to beat a previous year’s stats.

Higher education institutions are big sophisticated businesses. They use enrollment management and marketing tools to ensure their prestigious competitive edge to attract students to apply. College contacts with sought-after students can be witty, complimentary, and appeal to their vanity. This may mean multiple extension offers or sending thirty-five e-mails, according to Bloomberg Business.

Whether later filers will eventually be offered admission over their earlier filing peers remains to be seen.

When acceptance letters are sent by April, it will show whether false hope was given to the former or the latter were penalized for having fewer days to prepare.

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Parents and students have to remember none of the tactics including a deadline extension is a guarantee of a forthcoming offer of admission. Please share your views in the comments section about who benefits from the new college admission deadline tactic.

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Don't count on new college app extension offers

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