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The Early Bird Gets the…Scholarship!

To win a college scholarship, students need to apply early, often, and with the right strategies. Keep reading…

The early bird gets the college scholarship! Use these strategies and win more money for school.

Hi, Scholarship searchers!

The time is NOW to start preparing for which scholarships you can apply for NEXT year. Here is a GREAT way to find little-known local scholarships:

Start looking in your local paper for some sort of “Names In The News” section. In the spring, you will find printed announcements of the names of students who have won local scholarships. Use the information provided so YOU can apply for the same scholarship NEXT year.

Look for the name of the scholarship, the company or organization providing the scholarship money, and the amount of the money awarded. Then search online, call, or write to the organizations to find out who is eligible to apply for their awards, when the applications will be available for the following year, and the date the application is due.

When you are contacting these organizations, remember how important FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE.

Be super polite, be sure to say who you are and exactly why you are calling or writing, and the information that you are seeking.

Parents, you can do this FOR your students. I did this for my son for several scholarships and had some great conversations with the representative of the organizations offering the scholarships.

Be sure to read this tip to learn how knowing the background of an organization can help students win more scholarship money.

Start NOW and get that worm….oops, I mean SCHOLARSHIP!

Did you know?

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The Early Bird Gets the College Scholarship - Use these winning strategies!

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