Future Engineers College Scholarship

Kelly Services is offering a $5000 scholarship to college students who are pursuing an engineering degree with their Future Engineers College Scholarship Program.  There are very specific application guidelines and this is a fantastic scholarship opportunity for the right student.  Here are the details:

    • $5000 scholarship award
    • Open to current college sophomores and juniors attending a school of engineering
    • Open to students attending school in the U.S. or Canada
    • Minimum cumulative G.P.A. 3.0
    • One letter of recommendation required
    • 800-1200 word essay required
    • Deadline:  October 14

Winning Tips:  This scholarship is very specialized and only open to current college sophomores and juniors, so there will be much less competition than a traditional engineering scholarship.  Students who meet all the requirements should apply for this scholarship NOW, as the school year is beginning and they are not yet swamped with homework and other class requirements.  This is a mailed-in scholarship application, so my unique mailing tips found here are a must to help set apart a student’s application packet.  Extra materials are NOT accepted though, as the guidelines state, “Inserts and additional pages will not be accepted”.

The judges are looking for top-notch students and essays will be judged “based on depth of knowledge and awareness of the issue and/or challenge addressed, as well as creativity, composition and originality.”  Read the essay of last year’s winner here to get a feel for the kind of student the judges are searching for in their winners.  The letter of recommendation should be written by a trusted adult who knows the student well and can attest to his or her aptitude in the engineering field and promise of future greatness as an engineer.   Having the letter written by a current engineer and/or engineering professor who can share specific examples and personal details about the student is important, as the judges are looking for “particular incidents that illustrate the candidates maturity, initiative, and potential”.

Get all the scholarship details here:


Future Engineers College Scholarship, winning scholarship tips from Monica Matthews found at https://how2winscholarships.com

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