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Scott Davis Educational Scholarship for College

The Scott Davis Educational Scholarship* is an opportunity for students to win one of four awards to be used for their college expenses! 

Scott Davis Educational Scholarship for College - 4 Awards Available!

The Scott Davis Educational Scholarship (Scott Kennedy Scholarship) is in its third year and has increased the value of the award to $1500. In addition, three students will be awarded a $500 runners-up scholarship.

(*Note: The Scott Davis Educational Scholarship is now known as the Scott Kennedy Educational Scholarship)

Here are all the details and qualification requirements for this scholarship:

The Scott Davis Educational Scholarship is open to anyone who will be enrolled in a college, graduate school, trade school, workforce-development program, certificate program, or similar organization or program during the summer or fall.

All are encouraged to apply, including those who do not have citizenship or residency status.

There is no restriction or discrimination made on the basis of age, gender identity, ethnic identity, citizenship status, residency, mental, physical, developmental, or other disability, or any like identifiers. However, cognizant of how the aforesaid identifiers may influence a person’s position in the world, Scott may consider them if they are voluntarily shared.

To maintain the integrity of the scholarship and prevent conflicts, the only people who cannot apply are Scott’s relatives and law students attending CUNY School of Law — where Scott studies law.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria are used to select recipients: thoughtfully communicated and compelling personal statements, commitment to the well-being of others, and experience with adversity. The selection process does not favor anyone based on familial or other such ties.

Application Materials

Beginning May 1, interested applicants should apply for this scholarship by submitting the following materials by email to applications@scottscholarship.com with the subject line “2020 Scott Scholarship Application – [INSERT YOUR NAME]”:

Personal Statement (2 Page Maximum) – This is where students can shine and impress the scholarship judges!

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Tell your story: how you got to where you are in life, where you see yourself going, and if you hope to impact others’ lives, how you hope to do it. Neither preference nor penalty will be given whether your statement is one page or two, so use what feels best for you!

“Monica – your books are the bomb – my daughter is having a blast setting up a resume website, and all the tips and tricks are so helpful. I am very thankful I saw your interview last week and I ordered the student and parent copies. My daughter and I are very focused with the scholarship process but you took it to a whole new exciting level!!” L.G., New Jersey


Please provide a resume. (Be sure to read:  How to Create a Student Resume)

Transcript/Proof of Enrollment

Please provide a transcript. If you have yet to begin your studies, please provide proof that you will be enrolling during the summer or fall.

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Affirmation that you read the Terms of Agreement

Include a simple sentence affirming that you have read and agree to the comparatively short Terms of Agreement. (Don’t forget this part!)

Decisions will be announced on December 22.

Applications will continue to be accepted up until 11:59 PM EST on December 15.

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To apply for the Scott Davis Educational Scholarship, click HERE.

(*Note: The Scott Davis Educational Scholarship is now known as the Scott Kennedy Educational Scholarship)

Scott Davis Educational Scholarship for College - 4 Awards Available!

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