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Super Simple College Scholarship Tip

Here is a super simple college scholarship tip that ALL students can follow!

Use this super simple college scholarship tip to win more money for school!

What if I were to tell you that there is something very specific you can do to get your applications past the first round of scholarship judging?

Well, there IS, keep reading…

When a scholarship judge has hundreds, and possibly thousands, of scholarship applications to read through, it is much easier to weed out the bad ones, than to mull over the good ones.

The judges need to start somewhere and tossing applications into the “reject” pile is the fastest way to narrow down the possible winners.

College Scholarship Tip: Keeping your scholarship application out of the “reject” pile is the first, and simplest, way to increase your chances of winning the scholarship money.

What it all boils down to is very easy, yet a large percentage of applicants do not take the time or effort that is needed to keep their scholarship applications out of that horrible “reject” pile.

It sounds so simple. The scholarship application in front of you asks for your name, address, phone number, community service involvement, and grade point average.
One student, we’ll call him “Joe”, quickly fills out the first half of the application.
“Joe” becomes “Jumping Joey”, because he is the best high jumper on the track team and that’s what everyone calls him.
After all, only his mother calls him “Joseph”.
He leaves the spot for “middle name” blank because he assumes the scholarship judges don’t care about middle names.
Next comes address, so he types out “12376 4th st, grand rapids, mi.”
He makes a mistake while typing out his zip code, but doesn’t notice it at the time. His phone number does not include the area code.
The judges can look it up if they chose him to be the winner, right? WRONG.

Now it’s time for what Joe considers the “meat” of the application, the time for him to brag about his community service hours and grades.

He takes some time to try and remember how many hours he worked at the church rummage sale and when his memory seems fuzzy, Joe just pulls a number out of the air and fills in the blank beside “community service hours”.

His mom also helped, so he puts down her name as the person in charge of the program.

They probably won’t call her anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

Getting excited that he’s almost done with the application, Joe thinks about his G.P.A. His grades averaged out to 3.44 on his latest transcript, so that more than likely makes him eligible to apply for the scholarship, which specifically stated that it was for students with a G.P.A. of 3.5 and above.
Keeping that in mind, he types in “3.5” for his grades and does not think about the copy of the transcript that he will need to include in the scholarship application packet.


These examples may seem extreme, but in my extensive research of what it takes to win college scholarships, it’s the little details that make the difference between a student’s scholarship applications being tossed into the “reject” pile or carefully placed into the “possible winners” pile.
It DOES pay to very carefully fill out each scholarship application, taking extra time to use correct grammar and punctuation, not leaving ANY blank spaces, and only applying for the scholarship if you truly meet ALL the stated requirements.
I have gone into much further detail about how to correctly fill out a scholarship application in my ebook, How To Win College Scholarships.


What do scholarship-searching parents and their students think?


“My daughter applied & didn’t win MANY scholarships before we decided to invest more time in HOW to win scholarships. Then we saw success and local and one National award. My oldest 2 both got $ back last semester due to scholarships. My daughter has all 4 years covered full ride and my son is about $1500 away from having his sophomore year full ride as well. It is possible but you need to apply SMART.”  J.K., Scholarship Help & College Talk for Parents Facebook group member, Idaho



Don’t let your scholarship applications get rejected because of not following directions!

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It’s that simple.

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Watch a ONE Minute College Scholarship Tip video here:

Super Simple College Scholarship Tip - Judges LOVE this!

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