The Scholarship Essay

The college scholarship essay is the most important part of the scholarship application, yet also the most feared by the majority of students. How can students overcome this fear? Keep reading…

The college scholarship essay - Help is here!

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How do I write a winning college scholarship essay?

This is another popular question that comes up a lot in scholarship discussions. I have a lot of helpful and winning suggestions in my scholarship guide, but I’ll share one here:

Write from your heart!  

Seriously students, bring real emotion into your essay and write about something close to your heart that you are truly passionate about.

Don’t fake it. 

Don’t over-do it. 

Just honestly write about how you feel about something and use lots of descriptive words.

Make your essay come alive in the judges’ minds.

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The college scholarship essay - Help is HERE!

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College Scholarship Essay Tip - Write from the Heart
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