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This is a TRUE College Scholarship Story

Read this scholarship story and get inspired to find and win more money for school!

Read this true scholarship story and find out how this student won a TON of money for college!

Hey scholarship searchers! Here is a scholarship story that truly happened to someone that I know:

The student applies for an internal college scholarship in the department of his major. This student is going into his sophomore year and has done very well in his first year of college. The student waits months and months to find out if he won the scholarship.

The Deadline passes for when the students are supposed to be notified about winning the scholarship money.

The student’s mother gets impatient and sends the person in charge of scholarships for that department a very nice email inquiring if the scholarships have already been awarded and kindly explains that her son had not heard one way or another if he had been selected. 

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The student’s mother gets a response to her email telling her that the scholarships had already been handed out, but that there MIGHT be some more scholarship money available very soon and that they would keep her son’s name in mind if and when the money came in.

The student’s mother gets a bit excited and emails back how her son had a wonderful first year at the college, loves everything about his chosen major, and ended up with a very good G.P.A.

She believes that he deserves a scholarship and would really appreciate it if they would, indeed, keep her son in mind if more scholarship money became available.

In the meantime, the student’s mother mentions to her student that she has sent the email to the college.

He sheepishly tells her that he had already received an email a few days prior telling him that he did NOT win the award and OOPS, forgot to tell mom.

The student’s mother is a bit embarrassed and emails the scholarship person again saying she is very sorry for bothering them when her son forgot to tell her that he did not win, but if they could consider him for any additional money, that would be wonderful.

Two days later, the student gets an email from the SAME scholarship person that his mom has been corresponding with that says, “Congratulations!  You have To achieve college scholarship success, students need to learn how to apply SMART and not give up!been awarded $1600 from the college in recognition of your achievements in your first year with us…”


How’s that for a scholarship story? How do I know it’s true?

Because I was the MOM and my SON was the college student!

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The moral of this scholarship story:  It pays to be persistent. Don’t be shy to ask for more scholarship money. You never know what will happen!

Have a GREAT day everyone! ~ Monica Matthews

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Student wins college scholarship after ASKING for more money!

How to Win College Scholarships - True Scholarship Story

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